5 Signs She Wants To Break Up

We have all been there: living in a relationship that started out so beautifully. You had everything in common; every joke she told made your sides split, and she seemed so into you. Yet somehow things don’t seem so bright and shiny anymore. When a relationship has run its course for one person or another, it’s time to give it the axe. Here are five signs she is thinking about dumping you.
5. She doesn’t refer to you as her boyfrie­nd. This means that earlier in the relationship, when meeting new people, she would always introduce you as “Joe, my boyfriend”. If she now introduces you merely as Joe, it means she has demoted you in her mind from boyfriend status (whether consciously or not).
4. “I swear my phone was off, babe!” This is a classic excuse, but a very telling one. If your girlfriend used to BBM, text, call or e-mail you little messages throughout the day (no matter how much you didn’t care that she just saw a cute rabbit in her backyard) and has pulled the reigns in on those activities, it is a clear sign she is less interested. If she goes a step further to make excuses about not having her phone turned on, or nearby, when you try to BBM, text, call or e-mail her that is a definite red flag.
3. She pulls out the friend’s judgment card. This means that she chooses her friend’s advice over her own thoughts. She may come up to you and say something like, “My friend and I were talking about how you handled the double date situation the other night, and we all agreed that you were really rude and inconsiderate to Susan.” This is a way for her to tell you she is starting to grow resentful towards you through a thin veil – her friends said it, and she merely agreed with them.
2. She starts sounding like a wife instead of a girlfriend. This happens when your girlfriend starts wanting to change things she is beginning to resent about you. If you live together, she might start constantly nagging you about things like the way you dress, cleaning up, the music you listen to, your friends, your hobbies, etc. When she wants to change things about you. that’s when things are spiraling down the drain. She might start nagging about little things, like cleaning your dirty dishes, putting the seat down, or paying bills on time, even though none of these things bothered her for the past x years/months that you’ve been living together.
If you don’t live together, she might start nagging about how you don’t show her random acts of kindness (flowers), you’re unavailable or she wants you to lose those last five pounds. What she chooses to complain about doesn’t matter – the fact that she sounds like your wife of forty-five years does.
1. She pulls the Frigidaire. This means she’s about as warm and cuddly as an icebox. Whereas before she used to hold your hand in public and give you kisses, she thwarts any attempts now. If it isn’t P.D.A. and you’re in the bedroom, she may pull away and shut down sexual advances. If she is not interested in sex anymore, that’s a pretty big indicator.
These are all signs she feels the relationship isn’t working. End the passive-aggression by talking to her and hashing these things out. If a relationship isn’t right, then it’s not right, and you shouldn’t be with someone who isn’t happy to be with you. 


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