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For many, Halloween is an excuse to play dress up and look sexy. When I saw some costumes displayed in a storefront window downtown, I decided to go to gather some costume ideas. For the ladies, they had everything from a French Maid, to a dirty cop, to a sexy stewardess, Saloon girl, cave woman, Marilyn Monroe and of course your classic sexy fairy and bumblebee looks.
For men they also had the dirty cop, the cave man, as well as the Top Gun Aviator, the classic pirate, cowboy, and superhero costumes.
All the costumes were super provocative. It was as if I had walked into a porno flick. Oops, turned out I had walked into a sex shop. The humming noise of vibrators in the background should have tipped me off. I was so focused on costumes that I hadn’t look past the front display.
 Halloween costume or costume play?

I decided to try my luck at a real costume store down the street. Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t much difference. The pre-made costumes were also pretty terrible.

Besides looking sexy on Halloween, this is your chance to be creative. Allow your imaginations to run wild. The possibilities are endless.

Create your character without having to rely on generic, pre-made costumes.

These costumes are often expensive and many of them are the same from year to year. The last thing you want is to walk into a party with the exact same costume as five other people, since it was sold at every Halloween shop around town.
Pictured: Terrible
Go homemade or go vintage.
Some of the best costume ideas originate from your own closets. Before going out to make any purchases, see what you can put together at home. Ask to look through relatives’ or friends’ closets for anything unusual, or vintage.
Most of the greatest costumes require hardly any handiwork at all. If you can’t find everything you need within your closet, look for ideas in second hand vintage shops and places like Value Village. Many vintage stores divide their clothing by decade and category. They also carry tons of fun accessories, and wigs. If you still have no idea what you want to be, these are great places to get ideas.
The beauty of vintage shopping is that you can pick any decade and think of an iconic character you love, such as Don and Betty Draper from Mad Men or classic icons like Humphrey Bogart, Bill Cosby or John Travolta.
 And, really, what other time of year
would you be able to wear that hat?
Dynamic Duos
Another idea is to get together with a friend or two and make a duo costume. I knew these two guys who dressed up as Aladdin and his monkey, Abu. This only required two ratty vests (t-shirt with the arms cut out), billowy pants, and a small painted Styrofoam cup hat. It was funny, deceptively simple and probably one of the best and most realized costumes at the party.
If you do decide to buy a premade costume such as Batman, then at least liven things up by getting a friend at the same party to play Joker. The Mario Brothers is also a common costume that’s easy to put together. You could even go with a group theme, with each of your friends dressing up as a different character.
Don’t be lame

The point is that Halloween is about imagination and fun. Be scary, funny, silly, interesting, and sexy. As temping as it may be to pick up a Freddy or Jason mask, it’s not the way to go. It’s lame, unimaginative and you’ll end up suffocating under a thick layer of rubbery plastic all night.

If you’re in Toronto this Halloween, check out the Haunted Mansion at Toronto’s Great Hall, featuring a Daft Punk tribute band, Diggy the DJ of Down, DJ Vaneska, DJ Feddy Haze and more!


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