Under Armour Reveals Brandon Jennings’s Second Signature Shoe


Under Armour is making a splash with its November launch. On the 27th, they revealed Brandon Jenning’s second signature shoe, the UA Micro G Bloodline Collection. And while the collection showcases colour options like green, black, blue and white, it’s the flagship shock-red that has been getting the biggest press in the promotional materials.

And for good reason. The Red Compton is a beautiful design. Clad in shock-scarlet, and encased in Micro G foam, the shoe sports a reflective strap and reflective mesh for better visibility, and topping it off, a multi-directional track and reflective detailing. Billed as the an improvement over Jennings’ earlier signature shoe, the Micro G Black Ice. The Bloodline’s foam means a light, cushioned step, and the track aims to net you maximum control over your gait, which means better hustle.

The shoe was announced at the Openhouse Gallery in NYC, an exclusive event that revealed the new “Are You From Here?” ad campaign starring Jennings and UA regulars Kemba Walker and Derrick Williams. (Also on display: a cinema verite-esque handi-cam aesthetic and a ton of Under Armour products). The ad emphasizes that Jennings’ journey from Compton to Virginia to Rome and into the arms of the NBA. The ad, produced by CP + B, has almost been getting as much press as the shoes themselves.

In a Counterkicks interview from April, UA VP Matt Mirchin said, “One of the things we really like about Brandon is his swagger and his game. Our position in basketball is low, light and lethal, and that really represents his game. We also like Brandon’s story. He’s different. He came from California, he went across the States to play ball in high school on the east coast, so that was a little bit different. And instead of going to college, he went over to Europe which was an enormous risk and he’s an underdog. So, we kind of consider ourselves to be an underdog so it was a good affiliation. We really believed in Brandon and he believed in us.”

That story is what these shoes are meant to represent. You’re not just buying a well-made pair of sneakers, you’re wearing a mythology. And that’s pretty cool.

Under Armour has gotten attention from BALLnROLL’s fitness department before, and this sneaker line seems like another winner. Considering you’re often dropping real money for Nike’s designer sneakers, snatching up the Bloodline Collection for UA’s retail price of $110 isn’t bad at all. It’s a good-looking design, well-made, and affordable. We have to tip our hats to UA for that..

Where to get it? The shoe will go live for sale on Under Armour’s website on November 4th. It will also be available from Foot Locker and Finish Line. 


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