Dwyane Wade’s $30000 Luxury Watch


Dwyane Wade has really cemented his status as one of the league’s most stylish player when he made his handsome self a fixture during this year’s New York Fashion week! Sitting next to the Queen Bee herself, Anna Wintour, does wonders for your fashion image. From rumblings and rumours of a potental clothing line with QVC to a luxury designer watch, Wade has been made a name for himself in the fashion world.

And what a watch! Not content to be a regular at haute couture shows, the baller’s resume now includes watch designer. Swiss luxury watch makers Hublot recently partnered with the mogul to create the aptly named Hublot King Power Dwyane Wade watch.


Sporty, chic ,yet resoundingly luxe in appearance, the limited edition watch is a mirror of Wade’s style to a tee. But emulating star style has never been for the frugal, and the exclusive design, of which only 500 pieces are being released, will retail for a mind-boggling $27,900. Luxury branding indeed! The proceeds are going to the Wade World Foundation, a charity Wade created to help underprivileged communities, much like the one he grew up in.

For the sake of his foundation and underserved communities everywhere, we hope those who can afford it are shelling out big bucks for a piece of Wade’s panache!

As for the rumoured QVC clothing line, not much has been mentioned since New York Fashion Week. Last September, Wade had reached out to his fans to help name his still-unnamed line, commenting that he wants the handle to have, “A nice, you know, French kind of ring to it. Something that rolls off the tongue.”

A sophisticated French names is rightfully fitting, as the clothes are sure to reflect Wade’s own personal style mantra. The trendy titan is often spotted off the courts looking dapper, modern and fresh.

Rather than sporting stuffy full peice suits all the time, the star prefers to update the traditional outfit and is usually found in perfectly tailored pants and blazers, paired with simple tees or sweaters underneath. His subtleness when it comes to not going overboard allow his simple yet chic clothes (and fine physique, might we add!) do the talking.

Throw in a pocketsquare here, a scarf there, and some sick shades on occasion and you’ve got yourself the ultimate gentleman’s style figure: men want to look like him and woman want their men to look like him! Gabrielle Union is a lucky lady indeed!

We look forward to seeing Wade’s style off the courts be available to fans of his ball and fashion skills!



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