Hot Yoga : Sweating Into The Best Shape Of Your Life


The latest hot trend in fitness is hot in more ways than one: hot yoga. No longer just for the granola crowd, yoga has taken the yuppie crowd by storm and hot yoga is its newest form of getting fit in style! From numerous health benefits to de-stressing and oh, did we mention a gaggle of barely clothed girls who care about keeping in shape?

Here are some tips for the beginner yogi looking to get into shape and most importantly, have fun!

1) Ease into it.

The first class you take should definitely be a beginner class. Ask your local studio about what class is right for you based on experience. And fellows, this is not the place to let your ego do the talking! You don’t want to risk passing out due to unbearably hot temperatures your first class, which would be detrimental to both your health and any potential game you might of had. (“Aren’t you that dude who blacked out that one time?” is never a great opening line.)

Since you’ll be sweating buckets during the class, experts recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day in preparation. Staying hydrated means staying conscious!

2) Dress the part.

Sure, it’s easy for the women to look great in their tiny yoga outfits, but men have it a little harder. We don’t recommend going too naked and looking like a pompous douche (yes, we said it). Be more practical and comfortable instead.

Still, we’re talking about withstanding up to 37 degree Celsius heat for a prolonged period of time, so this can be tricky. Bicycle shorts and no top are the usual acceptable fare for men, and if you’re not confident enough about your pre-yogi physique to bare your chest, a muscle shirt is perfectly acceptable. Form-fitting may be lame in civilian clothes, but the closer to the body the better here.

3) Let it flow.

Yes, you’re going to get super sweaty. But so it that hot girl in front of you, and so is the Yoga instructor leading the class.

Many people counteract the relaxation purposes of hot yoga by becoming too tense and self-conscious about how much they end up sweating the first couple sessions. Don’t stress about whether or not your shirt is more drenched than everyone else’s, or whether you think you could roll down a SlipNSlide, sans the water, halfway through class. Everyone’s sweating their brains out.

And the only way you’ll experience the full benefits of hot yoga is if you embrace it — slippery sliding and all.

4) Get ready for better sex.

Okay, so it’s not exactly a tip for getting started, but we thought it’d be worth mentioning!

After a few sessions of hot yoga not only will you feel more relaxed and be in better health… you’ll also be better in the bedroom. Aside from being overall more flexible and in tune with your body, hot yoga promotes strengthened endurance (your lady will thank you later) and some poses even aid in blood flow to your sexual organs.

That’s code for you’ll be able to go harder, better, longer and stronger. As if we needed any more reason to join the yogi movement.

Yoga went from a hippie exclusive lifestyle to chic lifestyle! Hot yoga is ideal for men, whether it be to de-stress from a tense corporate job, increase your athletic abilities or increase your mojo between the sheets. We guarantee sweating buckets never made you look so good. 


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