How To Give Gifts For Every Stage Of The Relationship


Men are known for being notoriously bad at buying gifts for their women, and as the holidays season approaches, so does the dreaded task of picking out the perfect present.

When you’re in a relationship, the pressure is on to find something your girl is going to go gaga over, but what about when you’re not in a relationship? There are countless ways to be involved with a chick and they all come under pressure when jingle bells start to ring in the air.

Fear not dudes, we’ve compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide for your girlfriend, girl fling, and everything in between!

1. The Booty Call

The Booty Call is the girl you only interact with after the sun goes down, preferably after 2 a.m. Yes, the old rule applies, anything after 2 a.m. is strictly for sex.

It may be someone you tried to date but it didn’t work out yet the sex was so good you kept that part going, or just a pick-up from one night that got strung along for a few more.

Overall, your interactions with the Booty Call are sporadic, random and brief. What’s her favorite movie? What type of trinkets does she like? You have no idea. When it comes to gift-giving for the Booty Call, the best gift is none at all. Why ruin a perfectly good sex buddy by implementing feelings through presents? Exactly.

2) The Friend with Benefits

In the same category as the Booty Call, the Friend with Benefits has one very big difference: you’re actually friends with this girl. You know things about her, care about her, and happen to be having sex with her.

This situation is never clean cut and it’s only a matter of time before she starts to have feelings (above the pant region) for you, or you for her. I mean come on now, we’re not robots! Unlike the straight-up Booty Call, a gift is necessary in this delicate situation.

We suggest the risk-free generic gift. As in, something that you could gift upon any woman without her looking into its “deeper” meaning. A few surefire options include anything from Bath & Body works, candles, and any kind of winter accessory… as in hats, scarves and mittens. If she can find the deeper meaning in mittens, we’d be impressed.

Nothing says nothing at all like plain, beige gloves! J-Crew is monochromatic winter accessory heaven. Meanwhile, Bath and Body Works is the mothership of all things girly, generic and festive. Vanilla Bean Noel scented lotion, anyone?

3) The Newbie Girlfriend

You’ve been dating this girl for a couple weeks, or maybe even a few months. And she’s awesome.
Finding a present for the Newbie Girlfriend is a tricky task because we both know she’s totally going to judge how serious you are about her based on it.

With that in mind, you have one simple question to ask yourself: how serious are you about her? If you can see yourself being serious with her, choose a present both of value and meaningful. And by no means buy her jewelry of any kind… jewelry means one thing in a woman’s mind: marriage.

What does work is a gift that you can incorporate some meaning into… maybe an inside joke, or something that you both bonded about. If she’s a pro in the kitchen, you could spring for something as sweet as her. Cupcakes are all the rage in the baking world.

Whether the gift is a sweater, a pair of shoes or something totally obscure like a teapot, as long as there’s personal resonance for you both, then it’s a keeper. Just like she may be.

4) The Wifey

Whether she’s legally your wifey, or a serious girlfriend, buying the right gift for the Wifey is a pleasure! There’s no doubt about the feelings between you both and at this point, you can lavish on each other easily since you know each other’s tastes inside and out!

Unlike at other stages of the relationship, jewelry is most definitely appropriate. But while a sparkly bauble may catch her eye at first, gifting your Wifey with a experience instead of tangible presents is much more memorable…and hey, this way you get to enjoy the present as well!

Niagara is the Honeymoon Capital world for a reason, and it’s winery region has given tourists a non-cheesy way to enjoy the area. With 5-star hotels and cuisine to match, your Wifey will love a weekend getaway!

Cooking lessons, while lame in your own city, are romantic and exotic when you do them abroad. For a gift she’ll never forget, try whipping up recipes together in France, Italy, or anywhere else your heart, and stomach, desires!

A vacation to Mexico, cooking classes in the south of France, a weekend of wine in Niagara… the options are endless and sure to be a gift that lasts in both your memories!

Gift away, gentlemen! 


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