Rekindling The Flame

Gone are the days of poems and chivalry and heaps of adoration that men used to dote on women. Our modern world also means modern romance. We are simply not living in the age of the Romantics any more. We are, however, still in a world where we have to sustain long-term relationships without the spark completely fizzing out in all our modernity.

So just how do long-term couples keep things interesting without having to regress to old-fashioned romance? Simple. It’s a balancing act: keeping things modern without completely freezing out romance.

Functionality over Foolishness

Old fashioned romance is beautiful, yes, but not exactly practical for the busy people we are today. I’m sure your love would appreciate hundreds of roses delivered to her and for you to recite poems about her wonderfulness… until it started to cut into her work time, or much-needed “me” time.

So instead of romance for the sake of romance, try increasing your time spent together doing things you both want to be doing. Nothing brings a couple closer together like common goals. Working towards the same shared goal with your gal ensures your bond is strengthened and your commonalities increased.

These can even be simple ideas, like choosing to cook a dinner together instead of going out, or long-term goals such as a fitness plan that you both implement with annual outcomes. Either way, more time with your partner spent active and together can only bring positive results for you both.

It’s the Little Things

I’m a firm believer that small, meaningful actions trump huge, sweeping gestures. All the larger than life things you can do for your sweetie often seem redundant in a day and age where it’s all been done before. And, anyways, who really has time to take a hot air balloon ride together over the city while professing your love for one another?

Instead, noticing the small things she likes, or fixing what she complains about day to day, is a great way to say you care for her on an everyday level and not just once a year on special occasions.

Men often overlook doing the little things because they don’t think it amounts to anything in the end. Women, on the other hand, love knowing that they’re on your mind as much as possible.

So the next time you walk past a bakery and see her favorite flavor of cupcake sitting pretty in the window, pick one up to surprise her after dinner. And the next time she complains about not having enough time in the mornings, have her coffee waiting for her. There really is nothing sexier than a man who happily takes care of his woman.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is nothing that says rut like the same old routine day in and day out. Understandably, some routines are a part of life (going to work everyday, sleeping at night, etc.)n but that doesn’t mean you and your honey have to be stuck with predictable lives.

Traditions are cute the first couple times, like going to the same restaurant for Valentine’s Day every year because it’s where you had your first date, but when you have your whole lives together to experience things, make sure some of those things are new!

Instead of doing the same old all-inclusive vacations that have become the norm, why not trek through Peru instead? Or feel like kids again and visit Disney World? Or go take cooking lessons in the South of France?

The possibilities are endless ,and taking on new challenges with a devoted partner makes them all the more gratifying. This can be applied in all areas, from travel, to food, to the bedroom. Or perhaps, taking things outside the bedroom, if you catch our drift!

The great thing about being in a long-term relationship is that the comfort level between you and your girl is strong enough that venturing into the unknown is a breeze.

Romance may not look like it did years ago, but it certainly does not have to go extinct! A little thought, imagination, and most of all genuine care between you and your partner will ensure your love stays fresh and exciting for years to come. And that, is really what modern romance is all about.


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