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Holiday season is just around the corner. For couples, that means one thing: no, not awkward time spent with each other’s families, but rather vacations! We’ve compiled the ultimate couple’s guide for holiday destinations. Whether it’s rekindling romance or experiencing new adventures together, the perfect spot awaits for you and your honey. And away we go…!
1) Mexico
Mexico is no longer another hotspot offering cookie cutter all-inclusive packages. It has instead transformed into a destination spot known for its various natural and service amenities. No matter what type of desire you and your boo are looking to satisfy, chances are you’ll find it in Mexico. The Mayan Riviera boasts ancient ruins and natural playgrounds and other sites worth trekking to, while nearby Playa Del Carmen offers a lively and sultry night life scene.
The area is also host to one of the biggest house music festivals, BPM, which takes place every January. Absolute heaven for twosomes who want to relax while still having the option of dancing the night away. Other areas, such as Los Cabos, Cancun and Cozumel, set the standard for romance, with white-sand beaches, unique sunsets, and plenty of hotels that focus solely on spa treatments and candle-lit dinners. Cookie cutters are gone; Mexico is anything you, and your love, want it to be.

2) The South of France

Paris may be the City of Love, but its southern counterparts are gems in their own right and perfect for canoodling couples. With a plethora of famous wine regions (Bordeaux and Bergarac to name a few), to the smattering of tiny villages that dot the Provence region, and the lively yet still intimate city of St. Tropez, France has never been more diverse!
Be prepared to see a few more pounds on your girl’s booty and vice versa, as the cuisine is world-renowned. Branching out from the usual crepe and baguette fare of Paris, the South of France offers home style traditional foods that are as mouth-watering as they are decadent. As a foodie who has spent a fair amount of time in Bordeaux last year, I can vouch for possibly the most exquisite food I’ve ever eaten at every restaurant I’ve stepped foot in. From bouillabaisse’s to brulees’s, there won’t be a time where you’re not craving some sort of delicious tidbit…or two or three. If a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, then the South of France is a lover’s paradise.
3) The Maldives

The Maldives is, simply put, the ultimate island getaway. Located in the Indian ocean, the Maldives technically refers to the collection of coral reefs in the area. For those of us visiting, this means there are many islands to choose from.

Often one resort will be located on its own island, making for the most pampered and romantic situation possible. Your own private island roughly translates into scoring endless points from your girl — there really is no topping that!
Male is the main “city” of the Maldives and is modern in comparison to the relaxed island vibes of the rest of the region. Bustling and dense, it makes for an interesting environment for couples to explore on foot. Otherwise it’s luxurious relaxing at it’s best.
The Maldives are known for being the most chic and private of all island getaways. A splurge it may be (the area is also known for private villas costing upwards of $2000 a night), the Maldives is the pinnacle when it comes to comfort. And, as the islands have been recently threatened by global warming, it might just be now or ever when it comes to experiencing them.
4) Singapore
The so-called Western gate to the Eastern world is fast becoming a popular spot for couples and young families alike. For those who have never traveled to Asia, Singapore makes an ideal first destination as the official language is English and the city is meticulously designed and easy to navigate.
From 5-star hotels and restaurants, to new clubs popping up frequently, to traditional street cuisine, sandy beaches and even a Universal Studios, there are endless activities for couples to take on in Singapore.
Truly a mix of East and West, you and your love can shop at Gucci and other designer stores on the famous shopping street Orchard Road, and then try black pepper crab and other Hakka (traditional cuisine) food at one of the many night markets.
The city also boasts impressive architecture thanks to a design-obsessed mayor. The newest addition to it’s impressive skyline is the Marina Bay Sands complex made up of three building connected by one shared roof which also acts as a club/restaurant/pool that overlooks the entire city. East meets West has never been so romantic. 


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