Three Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work



Long distance relationships are never ideal, but in this day and age where people are often movers, shakers, travelers and go-getters, it’s become the norm to go short periods being apart from your significant other. That said, it doesn’t make it any easier. I don’t care how lovely it is to say you have a true connection or that no matter where you are in the world, your hearts are always together—when it comes down to it, a huge part of what defines a relationship is spending time with that person in the flesh. You can, however, make that time without each other a little less painful, and instead of weakening a bond, find a way of strengthening it.
1) Define expectations.
This is the most important rule when it comes to long distance relationships, and relationships in general. Setting realistic expectations of what you each want out of the time apart makes sure no one is getting their hopes up. If you plan on calling your honey once a week but she’s sitting at home waiting for a daily chat from you, that’s a fight waiting to happen. Be clear on how much communication each of you finds acceptable and be prepared to compromise.
A little tip for all you men out there: regular communication is great—ie. texting, phone calls, and what not—but nothing says “I’m thinking about you” like little surprises. Arranging flowers to be delivered or other nice gifts is sure to keep you in your woman’s good book’s for the long-run.
2) Keeping the spark alive
Putting your shyness aside and breaking out the sexy is key to keeping the va-va-voom alive when you’re not able to crawl into bed with your partner every night! You know what I’m talking about…sexting, Skyping seductively and more. If you and your love have never been intimate tech-wise, don’t worry! Taking it seriously will only hinder your abilities. Chat with a big dose of comfort, humor and, most of all, excitement.
Taking it step by step is a good way to approach long distance sexting…start with dirty texts and perhaps a few dirty pictures being exchanged and then move on to webcam chatting or illicit phone calls. Maintaining a sexual connection while away from each other is often overlooked by traveling couples which can lead to less than ideal situations.
3) Let the little things count.
It’s hard to do all the little things you normally would together when there are thousands of miles separating you and your significant other. Remembering the little things and sharing as much as you can is a good way to feel connected. Did you walk past a funny sign and want to make a joke about it to your girl? Snap a pic, put the joke as the caption and text/BBM/iMessenger that photo her way.
Are you eating a burger that’s to die for and you know our girl would think the same? Once again, snap a pic of that dish, and send it her way. As silly as little things like that seem, they keep both of you part of your day-to-day lives.
Technology makes it even easier, with picture messenging, voice notes and video chats being more accessible than ever. Anything that would normally make you turn to your girl and make a little comment can be sent in real time to them. So send away!

And there you have it, lovebirds! How much effort you put into your relationship is up to you. If you and your love are intent on keeping things just as good as they were when you were in the same city, there are no limits to how much communication you can have! After all, distance, like age, ain’t nothing but a number.



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