An Alternative To Camel: The Grey Coat


As winter comes into full swing, what coat will you wear in today’s cold temperatures? The answer may surprise you.

The runways for fall and winter for men and woman have been saturated with one trend with it comes to coats: camel. Camel trenches, camel peacoats, camel fur… basically camel everything.

But while we agree that camel is a handsome and luxe color that compliments many looks, there is something slightly irking about being one of the many camel-covered men at a party, or even day to day. If we see another camel coat, we might just die of boredom.


Let us introduce you to the color alternative to camel this season: gray. Just as neutral, just as complimentary and just as luxe when done right–we’re officially naming gray as the trend alternative for this winter.

But it’s dull and depressing and blends in with the cold winter environment you say? We beg to differ. Grays can be warm or cool, and when done with cozy materials such as wool blends and cashmeres, and layered with other warm colors such as accent camels, reds, and oranges, they are snug as a bug in a rug!

The key is to having a least a few warm color accents, if not an entire warm color-hued ensemble to balance out the grays. A gray coat is a quality piece worth investing in.

Don’t shy away from more expensive fabrics like angora blends and thick wool: there’s nothing worse than spending a little less on a mediocre coat only to have it go ratty and covered in little balls of fabric after being exposed to the elements. Gray is especially prone to looking old and worn if not well kept!

With a huge spectrum of grays to choose from, it’s the perfect color to start your winter collection off with! Throw that camel coat aside, and get on board the gray bandwagon. We promise your style will thank you later. 


Leatrice at 14 Jan 2012

Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qeutsinos...until now.

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