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To be a modern man, there are so many things to consider. Things to consider: Fashion, grooming, swag, chicks, and just how exactly to pull of a pocket square. Keeping up with the latest trends is tedious even for the most current of gentlemen, and that is why we’re listing the top fashion blogs for men to keep you in the loop… pocket squares and all.

1) The Sartorialist

Easily the most famous of all street-style photography websites, The Sartorialist launched the do-it-yourself look book fad of taking pics of stylish creatures in fashion capitals such as New York, Milan and Paris.

Grabbing style tips from a how-to guide online is one thing; but emulating the street style of an incredibly effortless Brooklynite snapped on his way to the drugstore is another. It also helps that creator and photographer Scott Schuman is the definition of a modern gentleman.

The former model-turned artist has appeared in national campaigns, created exhibits for galleries the world over and published a best-selling book of his photos. By seeing the world through his eyes on The Sartorialist can only cause one reaction: increased dapperness.

2) The Urban Gentleman

The most comprehensive of men’s blogs out there, the Urban Gentleman is the style dictionary for all hip young mover and shakers out there looking to satisfy their chic cravings. Written in straight-forward (if a little boring) language, this site literally has all the information you need to make yourself over from head to toe.

There are articles on how to be confident, how to dress for every season, every occasion and even how to pick out the right shaving cream for your skin type. The linked shopping guides under the look book section also make it easier than ever to go from schlub to slick.

In just a few clicks you can purchase a whole new wardrobe fit for an Urban Gent. Our favorite part? The Gentlemen Going Green section, which posts about all the ways a modern man should stay green and still be stylish. A man with a conscience is, after all, a defining characteristic of a true Urban Gent.

3) GQ

The Gentleman’s Quarterly slogan says it all: Look Sharp, Live Smart. Arguably the most well-known of all men’s lifestyle brands, GQ is the epitome of cool. Each article flaunts the hipper-than-thou attitude and biting observations of the realities in a man’s life (Yes, there really are douchey and non-douchey ways to grow a beard)

The site also unapologetically ogles over its hot cover women, including all the typical sex kittens you’d expect of a men’s magazine, from Megan Fox to Mila Kunis. What makes it non-sleazy compared to say, trashier men’s magazines? The pictures actually go alongside an article that always contains a big dose of dry humor and clear admiration that goes beyond the obvious physical beauty of the women. Snarky, witty and respectful? No wonder GQ is the best of the best.

4) Esquire

Esquire offers another wide-ranging site for men to peruse, dabbling in everything from politics to food and drink. However it’s their style section that catches our eye with it’s conciseness and uniqueness.

While it’s not as all-encompassing as say, The Urban Gent, Esquire-style instead offers quick snippets (some times just a few lines) of trendy tidbits that catch their eyes.

From the amusingly dubbed Watch Porn section (the latest bling for your wrists) to the appropriately named Something Cool We Saw Online, the site has pinpointed capturing exactly what we want to see: the bare minimal of cool modern style plus eye-catching goodies with none of the filler. Paired with dialog that’s sure to have you snickering if not howling with laughter, Esquire is short, sweet, and stylish with a capital S.



Trisha at 14 Jan 2012

You relaly found a way to make this whole process easier.

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