Is Blackberry Still The Way to Go?



When it comes to choosing a smart phone for businessmen and businesswomen, most people assume that Blackberrys are the way to go. For the better half of a decade, it has been the most reliable smart phone on the market for businesses. But with the increasing number of smart phones today and the sudden drop in BlackBerry’s stock, is it still the go-to smart phone?

The answer is yes and no. The BlackBerry still has some technologies that put it ahead when it comes down to businesses, but only slightly.

Safe and Secure

BlackBerry’s security software is the phone’s biggest selling feature. It allows information to travel securely between the mobile phone, the BlackBerry server, and the receiver.

The security software is so safe, in fact, that some countries have threatened to put a ban on the phone. Algeria, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have all threatened to ban Blackberrys, because the data being routed through the RIM network is encrypted and could be seen as a “security threat.” (But hey, at least no one will be able to hack into your email and see those raunchy jokes you were sending Jane across the hall).

Other smart phones have yet to be able to touch the level of security that BlackBerrys offer, and this is what keep businesses going to BlackBerry for their mobile phone needs.

You’ve Got Mail

Blackberrys were also the first smart phone that really concentrated on the mobile email, making sending and receiving emails much simpler. At the time, this was a huge selling feature.

There is also an additional package for purchase called BlackBerry Enterprise, which allows the phone to be able to access corporate emails regulated through in-house servers. Being able to pull up your email without being at your desk was not that common back in 2003, but with email being standard in today’s technological market (give it a few years and I’m sure my watch will have access to my email accounts), this isn’t enough to give BlackBerry an advantage over iPhones and Android phones.

Applications APP-lenty?

Blackberrys have been focusing so much on being the best business phone on the market that they have forgotten to keep up with the changing demands of the consumer.

We’ve all seen that “There’s an App for that” ad by Apple, and it really is true. Go on to iTunes, enter the App store, and just take a look around. Think of something. and I guarantee you will find it, or a reasonable facsimile.

The same can be said for Android phones and tablets as well. For the businessman on the go, these Apps can really help make the workload easier to handle or give a brief respite from the stress of a busy day.

Even though BlackBerry does have an App store, it’s not in the same league as other smart phones, who have almost 6 times the amount of apps.

Maybe that’s why BlackBerry’s new operating system, said to debut next year, will be compatible with Android Apps. This will allow BlackBerry to be able to compete with the big name smart phones on the market, but for right now it doesn’t come close to what those other phones offer.

But there are reasons why big businesses will remain avid BlackBerry users. When you become employed by a multimillion-dollar corporation and are saddled into a cubicle or chained to a desk, they will most likely hand you a BlackBerry.

The security features are a big benefit to big corporations and if said corporation buys the additional BlackBerry programs, it adds a lot of beneficial features.

But otherwise, the BlackBerry is losing its foothold on the business market. Small businesses, savvy entrepreneurs and companies of a creative/artistic nature (i.e. graphic designers, advertising agencies, editing suites) are going over to the other smart phones, with their numerous and eclectic applications and multimedia programs.

But maybe with this new Android App integration into its new operating systems, BlackBerry will again become the top smart phone for today’s businessman. 


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