The 5 Most Indispensable iPhone Apps


There are literally thousands of apps out there today, and it can get ridiculous trying to figure out what app is the best fit for your phone. For every decent app, there are hundreds that are useless (3D Sex Positions? Come on now). But there are several apps that a guy must have on his iPhone. Here are 5 of them.

Discovr Music (Cost: $1.99)

We all know about Shazam or Sound Hound, but those Apps are only good for finding music when you actually hear the song.

With Discovr Music, you don’t need to hear it to find new music for your collection. All you do is type an artist or a band into the search bar and allow Discovr to make a map for you to look through, with similar artists and bands that may be to your liking.

Want to preview the song? Discovr lets you sample the band’s music and music videos before you decide to put them onto your computer.

ScoreMobile (Cost: Free)

Every guy should have a sports app on his smart phone. Usually, you only have a few choices, and you’re often forced to go with a sport/team-specific app.

With the ScoreMobile app, you have the ability to find out who’s playing whom, or (the main reason you would have a sports app) who won and who lost.

Infinity Blade II (Cost: $6.99)

You need at least one app to waste some time with. So why not waste time hacking and slashing your way through hordes of massive sword wielding monsters? Just use your finger to stab, parry, block and slash your way through the plethora of enemies.

The sequel to the critically acclaimed game Infinity Blade, this installment by Epic Games (The creators of the Gears of War videogame series) has made one of the best looking games on the iPhone. With different customization options and fluid game play, it is definitely worth the relatively hefty price tag.

Drink Owl (Cost: Free)

So it’s a Friday or Saturday night and you and your bros are looking to have a little bit of drunken debauchery! Drink Owl is a free app that allows you to search, via GPS, for bars that are in your immediate vicinity. That way, even if you are aimlessly walking around downtown, you can still find a place to quench your thirst.

Drink Owl also puts Google Maps to shame by going one step further and showing you key details like closing times, bar specials, and even shows you the nearest LCBO/Beer Store/Alcohol Retailer, in case you want to get your pre-game on.

The only thing this app doesn’t do is stop you from drunkenly make an ass out of yourself. Drink Responsibly!

Nike + GPS (Cost: $1.99)

After that night of drinking all that beer, you might want to do a bit of exercising. Most i-Devices have a Nike Free Running app, but Nike + GPS gives you more info about your run.

Not only can it track your steps through the accelerometer but it can also follow you via GPS. You can then look at your route and check out your distance, time and even your pace. Best of all, Nike Athletes cheer you on as you try to “beat” your previous records.


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Mr. M at 13 Dec 2011

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