The Most Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Watches In The World


A watch is the quintessential accessory every guy should have. What designers spring to mind when you’re in the market for a nice timepiece? Well, both Nixon and Fossil are great choices when you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money; while Breitling, Omega and Rolexs are the premium watches that will set you back a couple thousand dollars.

However, if you’re looking to blow whatever life savings you have or take a second mortgage out on the house, then we have a few watches that might interest you. Do you need a watch made for zero gravity conditions? Or from rust from a sunken vessel? Then these are the ridiculously extravagant watches for you.

Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajokull DNA Volcano Watch (Cost: $25000-$35000)

Romain Jerome has really made a splash in the timepiece market. They have an avid fan base, and their watches are often considered art pieces. The Eyjafljallajokull DNA Volcano Watch is a great addition to any watch collector or fashion savvy gentlemen, not only because of its pedigree, but because of the story behind it.

When Iceland’s active Volcano Eyjafljallajokull erupted in 2010, it caused all kind of environmental problems for the world. Romain Jerome decided to have something good come out of the disaster, and used the ash for the watch’s bezel. In the end, they created something extravagant artistic and functional.

Tag Heurer Monaco Chronograph V4 Automatic Men’s Watch (Cost: $80,000)

Although a bit of an older model, the Monaco Chronograph V4 Automatic Watch is still a marvelous piece. It uses sapphire crystal to create a scratch resistant face that is anti-reflective, so you can always see the face clearly.

With a skeleton-type casing, the wearer can see the gears and belts that make the watch run. With a platinum casing, a white gold crown, and an alligator strap, this watch is almost justifies the price tag, which is why it’s part of Steve McQueen’s noteworthy racing watches.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA A La Grande Tourbillon Steampunk (Cost: $150,000 – $160,000)


We have another Romain Jerome piece on our list, and if you thought the ash infused bezel was cool, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The Titanic DNA A La Grande Tourbillon Steampunk has the rust from the hull of the Titanic on its bezel and dial.

In addition to the rust from the Olympic-class steamship, which gives it a pinch of color, the coal from the wreckage has been vaporized and infused into the dial.

There is even a certificate from the shipmakers to verify its authenticity. With this piece you could go from third class to first class and carry a piece of history with you at the same time.

Harry Winston Opus Eleven (Cost: $250,000)

Not just a watch but an engineering marvel, the Harry Winston Opus Eleven tells time differently than your average watch.

The mechanisms built into the face are for the hours, while the two smaller circles on the side offer the minutes. The top side face goes through the single minutes, while the bottom focuses on the ten. This leaves the larger face to handle the hours, and at each 60 minutes interval, the mechanisms “explode into chaos before instantly reassembling as the new hour.” For a quarter of a million dollars, that better be pretty cool to watch.

Vacheron Constatin’s Les Cabontiers Skeleton Watch (Cost: $500,000 and up)

This is another older model, a classic that has yet to be rivaled in terms of it construction. The Les Cabontiers Skeleton is watchmaking at its finest. The sapphire crystal display is also only three hundredths of a millimeter thin, making for an ultra lightweight watch.

And being a full skeletonized watch adds to quality of the watch itself, allowing you to view the intricate details and inner workings of the piece. With the attention to detail and perfection of each individual part, only 15 of these beauties are currently circulating. 


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