The Top 3 Best Dressed Men Of The Year


It’s that time of year again, the time when the new year is just around the corner and we can be super judgmental about everything that’s occurred over the last year. 2011 was an entertaining year for celebrities, to say the least. From shocking break-ups, to make-ups and all the scandal in between, there was never a dull moment.

But who managed to go through all the ups and downs of the celebrity life while still looking amazing? It’s time to name our Best Dressed Men of the year!

1) Ryan Gosling

This man can do no wrong. There’s no denying that this was the year of Ryan Gosling. From starring in a slew of critically acclaimed movies where he got to portray some badass characters (a violent getaway driver and a rogue politician) to snagging one of the sexiest women alive, Eva Mendes, Gosling has been on fire. His style has matched his success, looking great in everything from slick suits to sharp casual wear. This Canadian A-Lister is at the top of our list.

At the Drive premiere in Cannes, Gosling shows us how to wear a blue tux. The classic tuxedo is made modern through streamlined tailoring and unusual color. Add some manly scruff, perfect shoes and a calm, collected attitude and you have red carpet perfection. The man can’t seem to take a bad picture.

Now pay attention men: this is how you do muscle shirts right. Looking rugged, Gosling exudes masculinity even while going about his daily life. The loose fit keeps the top from looking vain and his black jeans and relaxed black sneakers add contrast. We can’t think of another actor who manages to make a muscle top look this manly.

Ryan’s Style: You can’t try too hard. The star is known for pairing one amazing tailored piece with more casual counterparts in his day to day wear. Try a slick pair of trousers with a loose crew neck tee and loafers, or a slim jacket with looser pants and scruffy boots. For night time, the man goes all out in suits and tuxes. Add unique touches such as offbeat colors or interest sing bow ties, but keep in mind a flawless fit.

2) Michael Fassbender

Fassbender really took off in Hollywood this year, kicking things off with a scene-stealing role in X-Men: First Class as a young, disturbed Magneto. The Irishman has shown he has alpha male roles down pat. With a classic style that suits his handsome features, Fassbender snags the number two spot on our Best Dressed list.

At the Shame screening in NYC, Fassbender schools us all in how to a classic suit done right! Normally seen on your uncle at weddings, the classic suit has been almost entirely replaced by skinny fit suits. However, the looser fit, soft palette, vest and tie make for a traditional aesthetic that works. Do we smell a comeback? If Fassbender keeps doling out killer looks like this, don’t be surprised if classic suits are suddenly everywhere!

The star’s style tour continues at the Shame premiere in Paris, this time with a more relaxed look. Looking approachable in a black blazer and pants with a white unbuttoned shirt, Fassbender shows us red-carpet casual done right! Again, nothing is too tight but fits the brawny star too a tee.

Michael’s Style: A real man’s man when it comes to clothes, the star never goes too trendy. Stick to classic fits, nothing even remotely skintight and subtle palettes. A great gray suit at night or loose white button down with dark pants for daytime.

3) Jay-Z

The comeback king had yet another return from his retirement and dominated our headphones with the massive hit Watch The Throne. The tour left us speechless, as did his announcement that he and Beyonce are expecting their first child. His sense of style also left us speechless. Who else would get Givenchy to design outfits for him and Ye on tour? Hov never ceases to amaze us, whether it`s ghetto luxe casual looks or polished red carpet wear. The man knows how to look like a star 24/7. We’re sure being married to one of the hottest style icons of our time doesn’t hurt either.

Jay Z always manages to look the perfect gentleman on the red carpet. Perhaps it’s because he always has the most coveted accessory with him: the stunning Beyonce. Nonetheless, the man has style for miles. At the MET Gala this year, he dons the classic combo of a white jacket and shirt with back pants and a black bow tie. Effortless, dapper and handsome.

Jay-Z is undoubtedly the street style king. Born and raised in NYC, he is the city personified. There’s something to be said about a man in a leather jacket, white tee jeans and kicks. The rapper is casual and luxe at the same time. We love the Hov touches: a Yankees hat and silver chain are a must. Pairing a chain that probably cost more than a car with a white tee is something only the King of Hip Hop can do.

Jay-Z’s Style: Fortunately for us, Hov’s street style is easily accessible. The key to looking sharp and not like a slob is all in the details. Keep your jeans baggy but not sagging halfway down your boxers. A crisp white tee trumps a wrinkled one, and dropping some dough on a seriously nice leather jacket pulls everything together. As for formal wear, go all out. Jay-Z is known for his exquisite formal wear, including everything from snazzy shoes to pocket square. If you want to look like the king, be prepared to spend like one on your clothes!



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