The Top 5 Things You Do That Secretly Turn Women Off



The dating game always has its problems. It’s tough to get away from mixed messages, games, and the chase. With all the decoding and deciphering we have to do, it can seem impossible to get clear signals from the opposite sex!

Ever think things are going well with a woman only to have her inexplicably fall off the face of the Earth?

We’ve all been there. Chances are, you did something to turn her off and didn’t even know it. In our society, women often try to be polite above all else, and it’s usually easier to write you off in general than tell you at the time that yes, it is a complete deal breaker that you chew with your mouth open. Here it is boys, the top 5 things you do that turn women off!

1) The “Ex” talk

So you’ve been on a few dates and you’ve talked about everything, from where you’ve traveled to what kinds of songs you think are great. You’ve mentioned your ex a couple times, but only when relevant and in a very unemotive way, i.e. “Oh, I hiked the Great Wall of China with my ex. She thought it was tiring, but I thought it was worth it.”

Not a big deal right? Wrong. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more off-putting than a man who can’t shut up about his ex, even if only when brought up topically, or in passing. I’ve been on a few dates with men who have even accidentally referred to their exes as “my girlfriend”, as in “My girlfriend used to do that a lot.” Immediate deal breaker. Save the ex talk for when, and if, things get serious, and save us the trouble.

2) Being a jerk

It’s a hoary cliche that girls are attracted to bad boys, but there’s a gigantic difference between a bad boy and an assholes, the difference being that no one wants to date the latter.

You may be doting on her the entire evening, but she’s also noticing how you treat others. The waiter at the restaurant? Don’t rudely brush him off and snap at him for getting your order wrong. The valet? Try not to toss your keys at him and act impatient. Women notice everything, and I mean everything. How you treat others is an indication of how you’ll treat us, no matter how much of a show you’re putting on for the date.

3) Ramping up the flash

Endearing and thoughtful as it is to want to impress a girl when you’re dating her, impress her though your personality. Whenever a guy gets too flashy with material things, it just seems lame.

A ritzy car, the hottest restaurant in town, a designer suit and obviously over-tipping the waiter all point towards some one who’s rolling in the Benjamins, but not much else. Modest and tasteful is always the way to go.

4) Sloppy manners

It might seem totally obvious to say this, but good manners are a necessity! We’re not saying you have to go all Prim and Proper’s School of Etiquette on your girl, but simple actions are often overlooked by today’s modern gentleman and boy, do we women ever notice!

I once had a date who actually let the door fall back and hit me as he strode through ahead. There’s really no excuse! Being courteous shows a woman you care, whether you’re a traditional gentleman or a modern man. Opening doors, walking beside us and un-sloppy dinner etiquette are essentials. There is truly nothing sexier than a man who is effortlessly considerate.

5) Distract-TECH

We’re all attached to our devices in one way or another, whether it’s a Blackberry for work, or an iPhone to document our lives through Instagram. But, when it comes to spending time with someone you care about, it’s time to disconnect!

It can be extremely irking and annoying when a man checks his phone every two seconds while he’s with you. To a woman that says your attention is not fully on her, and won’t be in relationship, or worse, in the bedroom.

Even the busiest of businessmen can tune out for a few hours. Checking it once or twice is fine, but incessantly or at a dinner… well let’s just say we won’t be checking you out any time soon.


Dragon at 14 Jan 2012

Normally I'm agasint killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

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