Beating The Freeze

As tempting as that warm bed can be, winter shouldn’t be a time where our fitness goals go into hibernation. Let’s face it, winter is a fact. Instead of griping and moaning about it, we should do our best to tolerate and learn to appreciate the season. Here are a few ways to get creative and stay active this winter: 

Get Social

Before you start complaining about the cold, remember that without it you couldn’t enjoy many of the great seasonal sports that winter is host to. Unleash your inner child and go tobogganing -it’s a thrill on the way down and a workout on the way up. Rent a pair of snowshoes and go for a vigorous walk.
Not enough snow outside? Ice skating opportunities both indoor and outdoor are plentiful. And let’s not forget our national pastime: Hockey. Check out your local arena and see if they have a drop-in time and go shoot some pucks with your buddies.

Head for the Hills

You don’t even need real snow to get a winter thrill. When you go snowboarding and skiing, ski hills often make their own snow; provide you with equipment (gloves and hats not included), lessons (if desired), fresh air and a cardio workout. Plan a mini road trip out of the city for an action packed day.

Be a Team Player

If neither self-motivation nor the outdoors is your thing, there are tons of competitive, recreational and drop-in team sports you can participate in indoors. Whether you want to play basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash or even join a dodgeball team, it’s a sure way to get your blood pumping.

Deal With It

Groupon, Wagjag, Teambuy and the other hundred coupon sites out there are a great way to test out a new gym or fitness class without breaking the bank. Whether it’s MMA, judo, or hot yoga, you can buy a $20 pass for 20 drop-in classes for your local gym or a hole in the wall you’ve never heard of. If you’re flying solo, gyms offering a buy-and-try tend to host very inclusive atmospheres (they want to lure you in). If you have a friend to join you, that’s all the better, since a companion will increase your motivation to go.

Weight It Out

If you’re dead set on not leaving the house, invest in some basic workout gear. You can get a solid workout in the convenience of your own home with as little equipment as a jump rope, a set of weights and your own body. Just remember to throw in a couple of extra reps to make up for being too lazy to put on your boots.

Whatever your preference may be, set some fitness goals for yourself. Having a target will provide you with a purpose to your activity. Focus on something big, like losing ten pounds, or increasing your endurance to run 5k, and break it down into achievable checkpoints. Being active is just as much a mental attitude as it is a physical effort, and you have to consciously push yourself to do it. 


Gildas at 14 Jan 2012

Ya learn something new eveyrday. It's true I guess!

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