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With their busy schedules, players get the chance to experience many cities abroad. BALLnROLL sat down with Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon and Ed Davis to talk about their favourite towns.

BALLnROLL: Other than Toronto, what is your favourite city to play in and why?

Amir Johnson: L.A, because it’s my hometown.

Jose Calderon: To play? I don’t know, when you play against teams like L.A or Boston, I think those are special cities because they’re just winners. Like, Dallas now that could be a nice one, because they were the champion last year, so something like that can make it special.

Ed Davis: D.C


Ed Davis: It’s just back home, a lot of family.

BALLnROLL: Other than your home court, what city do you find that you pretty much always bring your A game?

Ed Davis: I think Cleveland. I’m ten for ten there, so, you know, I’m tearing them up there.

Amir Johnson: L.A always. I play good in L.A. My family and friends watch me play and that kind of motivates me.

BALLnROLL: Most people crumble under pressure, shoot bricks when around family and friends.

Amir Johnson: No, I get excited, man. You get your home-cooked meals and you just feel good, knowing your family’s out there watching you.

BALLnROLL: What team has the nicest arena, practice facility, to visit?

Amir Johnson: I’ve been to quite a few, you know. I can’t say, any court is fine to me. I know Dallas has good hospitality, but everyone is pretty nice.

Jose Calderon: Maybe Orlando now. It’s a brand new one, and you can see that it’s new.

Ed Davis: I think Orlando’s pretty nice. I think when the Garden gets done, that’s going to be one of the nicest.

BALLLnROLL: What city wouldn’t you mind staying in an extra night, getting snowed in?

Amir Johnson: [LA]. Yes, absolutely. I mean, though it never snows in LA.

Ed Davis: Miami, the Bay.

Jose Calderon: I’ve always liked San Francisco. It’s a nice city, little restaurants, you know, lots of shopping. I don’t know, I just like the city. I just like to walk around on those streets.

BALLnROLL: What city surprised you the most, the one you didn’t think would be that cool?

Amir Johnson: I guess when I was in Detroit, when I was out there, I didn’t know much about the city and as I was staying, it got better and better. When I got there, it was my first time seeing the snow and stuff,

Ed Davis: San Fran. Just a cool city.

BALLnROLL: Are there any cities, that no matter how busy you are, you’ve got to hit one of their restaurants?

Ed Davis: L.A maybe. Rosco’s Chicken and Waffles.

Jose Calderon: San Francisco has the greatest Spanish place. Man, it’s great. B 44.

Amir Johnson: Really, I order room service. Not really. When I go out to eat—I’m trying to think…

BALLnROLL: Chicago has the best food in the world.

Amir Johnson: Yeah, pretty much. When I had a girlfriend, I used to go out to eat, but now I just sit in the hotel room. [Laughs]

BALLnROLL: What city has the nicest people?

Amir Johnson: Well, in Toronto, they’re nice to me. They have really helpful people. It’s really cultural out here. They are really nice people. This city is great.

Ed Davis: L.A. and T.O

Jose Calderon: I think there are a lot of places you can just walk around, with nice people. Not just one; I think there’s a lot of them. But Toronto is definitely up there.



Guest Johnson at 06 Dec 2012

i like milwaukee because i like beer :)

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