Gearing Up For Winter

Winter may not be in full swing yet, but if we Canadians know anything about winter (and we do), it’s that it will hit hard, and hit fast. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a window full of icy snowy frigidness and realizing you only have a peacoat to wear out. There’s a reason why the Canadian Goose coat is ubiquitous on the streets of Toronto after mid-January! 

The best way to combat the cold is to be prepared. Canadian winters are not to be messed with and we here at BALLnROLL have done the research for you: presenting the Ultimate Guide to Canadian Winter Wear!

1) Coat

There is only one option here and it’s the best of the best for a reason. Canadian Goose coats have gained a reputation worldwide for being the go-to coat for all expeditions of the freezing variety since their start over 5 years ago. Recognizable by their signature coyote fur-lined hoods and logo patches, what was once a bulky parka meant for extreme weather has now transformed into a Canadian icon. Coming in a variety of modern designs and styles, there’s no need to look like a puffy mattress either.

Above: A modern spin on the Goose classic: wool exterior and bomber style.

2) Boots

What can we say, Canadians really do know cold weather best! Another homegrown company in the extreme weather market is Sorel boots. These babies make Uggs look like paper socks when it comes to withstanding the elements. The number one selling cold winter boots in the world, Sorels are sure to keep your feet dry and toasty as you trudge through the treacherous slush-lined streets during the winter months.

Above: An upgrade on their famous Caribou boot, the Men’s Caribou Wool boasts a chic leather outer shell and warm wool interior.

3) Sweater

Although not a Canadian brand, The Northface is just as well known for their expedition gear. Created in sunny San Francisco and born out of a love for extreme adventures, the company has grown into the go-to brand for sponsoring remote ski and mountain treks. Their fleece zip-ups are famous amongst the athletically-minded and while not the most fashionable, they are intensely soft and warm.

Above: The Men’s TKA Full Zip is streamlined enough to look flattering, comes in a luxe gray color and is 100% windproof.

4) Hat

Mountain Equipment Co-op may not be as known for extreme weather conditions as Northface (their focus is more on recreational sports wear), but still carries some serious cold weather gear. While we considered going traditional Canadian and recommending a fur-lined trapper, a more practical piece of headgear, and one that would actually fit under your Canada Goose hood, was the better option.

Above: The Seirius Wind Pro X-treme Hat fits wraps around the your head and ears keeping everything snug and is water and wind proof.

5) Long Johns

Long johns might not be the coolest of garments, but they do the trick in keeping you warm.

And hey, as long as you don’t go around announcing you’re wearing them, they can stay a secret! Terramar, an American company made up of outdoor enthusiasts looking to provide top notch gear for other extreme players, provides long johns that will warm your body on the most bone-chillingly cold days! With a long history of silk product manufacturing, these babies are sure to feel nice as well.

Above: The Thermasilk Filament Pants are super lightweight at just 75 grams, ultra luxe with their silk construction and even made with all sustainable materials.

6) Gloves

Gloves that are the warmest of the warm also tend to be bulky and slow down your movement. We’ve gone with a pair that will let you almost everything you can do with your hands, including using your smartphone! The Northface has the hottest gloves on the market now with their Etip Gloves. With touch-screen compatible index and thumbs tips, you can talk, text, and tweet away even while bundled in layers and layers.

Above: The Etip Gloves are made with silicon to stretch and are warm as well. It’s a win-win situation for your hands!

With all this warm weather gear to get us prepped, all we can say is, Canada, bring on winter!


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