How To Make Your Wedding Incredibly Fun

Youtube has made it possible for personal moments to gain incredible viral exposure. Case in point? A video of a surprise wedding dance to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” raking in close to 4.5 millions hits (the number when this article was written). A little Youtube research revealed a whole world of surprise wedding dances to this unknowing (and unmarried) writer, all attempting to outdo and entertain their wedding guests as well as the world. With weddings becoming extravaganzas for all to see, how will you make your special day stand out? Fear not, future matrimonial couples! BALLnROLL has you covered. We have all the tips, tricks and secrets to making your wedding a festival of delights!

1) Shake Yo’ Tailfeather

Yes, the planned choreographed dance has been done to death online. But it’s also endlessly entertaining. There’s a reason these flash dances have become so popular; who can resist getting (choreographed) jiggy with it with all your friends and surrounded by loved ones? It’s heartwarming and let’s face it, entirely awesome.

This is no easy feat, though, and you should start planning about 2 months before your wedding. This includes time for everyone involved to get together and practice with a choreographer or dance instructor at least 4 or 5 times before the big day.

Before any rehearsals take place, you need to decide who your dance team is going to be. Are you going to surprise your honey and bust out a routine with your best men? Or are you and your girl going to wow everyone and pop and lock into Get Low in the middle of your traditional first wedding dance as husband and wife? Whatever you choose, it’s sure to take a cookie cutter wedding to the next level and kick the fun factor up tenfold!

2) Meals on (Trendy) Wheels

Standard food at weddings includes chicken in some sort of unrecognizable sauce, or a rump roast done so well it’s almost shoe-like. Why not eschew the mediocre wedding food fare and do something you know your guests will love? We’re not talking hoity toity foie gras and duck confit or anything, but the latest trend in wedding foods: food trucks!

Food trucks are all the rage in the culinary world, with line-ups around the block for popular ones in NYC. They’ve even infiltrated our televisions with The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. From waffles to tacos to dumplings to lobster, food truck fare is sure to please even picky palettes.

Decide how big of a role you want the food truck to play in your feast: it can be anything from the main attraction (we’d get more than one in that case), a whimsy spin on dessert, or a welcome alternative to the late night buffet. To avoid having guests waiting in line and not mingling, keep in mind the general rule of thumb of 75 guests per food truck.

3) The Sweetest Binge

What can we say, people love good food! While the midnight buffet is a popular wedding staple, it’s not exactly new and exciting. What is sure to wow is a dessert buffet!

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and foodies and non-foodies alike are sure to ogle over a table of fluffy, ooey and gooey treats. Make it even more fun by having all the desserts be mini—that way guests won’t fill up on just one slice of cake, but an assortment of little delights! Mini cupcakes are an ever-trendy and popular item. So is the new dessert craze: macaroons. Mini pieces of cakes, cookies, candy and whatever other snacks you prefer are good ideas as well!

4) Brides and Tiaras

The princess theme no longer includes lame puffy dresses, a bridezilla, and pink everything with sparkles. Over the past few years a modern princess theme has evolved, and is romantic, luxurious and just as royal.

Think more streamlined dresses with long trains and headpieces like tiaras and delicate feathers. Instead of ostentatious decorations, think romantic touches like lace, mood lighting with candles and jewel tone flowers adorning the walls and tables.

No one does princesses like Disney, and the company has released a popular line of wedding dresses and jeweler designed in the theme of each of the Disney Princesses. From classic to modern to romantic, Disney has you covered, with choices ranging from Snow White to Jasmine to Tiana. A princess theme done elegantly and tastefully? That’s a fairytale your guests are sure to enjoy!

5) You Can Have Whatever You Like

No, we really mean it! Gone are the days of traditional locations, decorations and ideas. If you can dream it, you can do it! If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that anything goes. From a Mario Brothers-themed wedding to all-out ethnic extravaganzas, there is no end to what your wedding can look like.

Throw what you think your wedding should look like to the side and plan for what you want your wedding to be! Want a church atmosphere but outside? Why not bring wooden church pews to an outdoor location for a breath of fresh air while still keeping things “traditional”!

Have your wedding on the rooftop of your favorite architecturally interesting building. Have it be themed after your favorite movie! The list goes on and on. It’s your day, and you and your sweetheart can have it be as memorable and unique as you’d like!

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