How To Propose To Her


Proposing to your significant other can be one of the most daunting tasks you’ll come across in life. Nerves, jitters and copious amounts of sweat are all part of the will-she-won’t-she say-yes ordeal. Deciding on just how to go about getting on bended knee is another huge decision to make and should reflect your girl’s personal taste! Allow us romantics at BALLnROLL to give a little guidance when it comes to popping the big question.

1) The Romantic

Does your girl go ga-ga over romantic touches such as flowers and chocolate? Is her favorite movie Titanic? If so, she is definitely a hardcore romantic, and a show-stopping, heart-pulsing proposal applies.

As far as all-out romantic proposals go, the traditional route always works. It’s traditional and classic for a reason, boys! Plan an evening out for the two of you. Dinner reservations at the most romantic and intimate restaurant in town (think white table cloths, candle-lit lighting, live violins playing and anywhere with Chez in the title) are a must.

This is where you’ll be getting down on one knee, so be sure to go in ahead of time and book the best table. If you want a bit of an added surprise, co-ordinate with the staff to either put the ring in a glass of champagne to be served to your love, or if she has a sweet tooth, placed in a piece of chocolate cake.

Start the night off by giving her a dozen red roses, and proceed to tell her throughout the evening just how much she means to you. It’s all in the thoughtful details here, and the more you laud on her, the more she’ll catch on that something amazing is about to happen! A hired limo, a hotel room for the night and glasses of bubbly all scream luxe romance. By the time the night is over, she will have swooned right into your arms!

2) The Twee

Does your girl have a love for whimsy? Is her favourite band Belle & Sebastian? Would she rather be living in Portland? To pull of the perfect proposal for your whimsy girl, a sense of wonder and playfulness is a must! And what better way to do so than with a good old fashioned treasure hunt. The treasure hunt proposal is ideal because you can incorporate personal memories that are just between the two of you. Let hints that only she would know the answers to be her trail to you! Clues such as “where we had our first kiss” and totally obscure inside jokes will allow her to realize just how intertwined you both are! Keeping your clues relatively close is a good idea… you don’t want her spending hours driving around the city after all. Also ensure that the hidden clues are big and fairly obvious when she arrives. The point is to keep her guessing, not get her frustrated! The last location is the most important as you’ll be waiting there, ready to pop the question… the perfect end to a whimsical journey. Acoustic guitar optional.

3) The Glamor Girl

If your girl commands attention everywhere she goes, is a fan of all things shiny, showy and shimmery, and would rather party in the center booth of a club (dancing on the couches, no less) than spend the night in, then you’ve landed yourself a glamor girl! Since your honey lives to see and be seen, no ordinary proposal will do. What would suffice would be popping the question… on live television. Deciding what your limits are here is up to you; you can write in to larger productions such as The Ellen Show (known for proposals), but be prepared to spend large on expenses such as flying to the city the show is filmed in, accommodations and more.

On a more feasible level, you could arrange with local stations to feature you on their daily talk shows or segments. This may seem incomparable to larger productions, but trust us, the thrill of being on television and being proposed to will be enough for your glamor girl to go “Awwww!”

4) The Tomboy

If all things girly girl just aren’t your love’s cup of tea, she’s a tom boy! Rough and tumble and still entirely sexy and sweet, proposing to the tom boy is a huge plus: mainly because you can do it in a way both of you will enjoy!

We’re not saying to pop the big question at a wrestling match, but incorporating a mutual love of sports is a good way to go! The key here is to keep things intimate while still being of interest to her. So instead of trying to propose over a rambunctious crowd at a hockey game, plan a weekend camping trip away.

With nothing but you, your girl and the great outdoors, we can’t think of a more ideal place to ask her to spend your lives together. Choose a relatively remote site where you won’t be bothered by group of boy scouts or other couples looking for a getaway. A spot where you can gaze at the stars at night is ideal as well. Nothing says romance like star-gazing together, after all!

Pack her favorite foods, plenty of warm blankets and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate after she inevitably says yes! Another pro? You’ll be all alone for the duration of the trip to celebrate in whatever way the two of you see fit… or in other words, when the tent is rocking, don’t come knocking!


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