Making Your New Year’s Resolution Last


Resolutions are a part of everyone’s new year, and as always, we make ones to better our lives. But no matter how optimistic and motivated we may seem while drunkenly toasting to improvements as the clock strikes midnight, resolutions seem to fade as fast as your New Year’s Day hangover. How do we make those slippery goals stick? With a few tips and a little planning.

Here are a few ways to make common New Year’s resolutions last until the next toasting of champagne.

1) Keeping Fit

Perhaps the most popular of resolutions, deciding to get to shape or shed pounds is something we can all attest to pledging to! People tend to go overboard and go on an extreme diet or exercise like crazy for the first few weeks of the new year only to find it unsustainable and fall off the wagon and back into old habits.

A simple solution? Take it step by step and in moderation. Not easy for those of us who want immediate results, but having that banging beach body in the long run will be worth it.

Implement lifestyle changes you can handle, such as running two times a week or cutting back on refined sugars, instead of totally cutting out some food groups and going on an exercise bender. It’s about slowly sculpting your lifestyle to a healthy one, not an extreme one.

2) Making Time for Others

If you’re anything like me, you tend to get caught up in your own life. We’re all guilty of pursuing our own goals fast and furiously and forgetting to spend time with loved ones or even significant others.

Vowing to spend more time with family or slow things down for relaxing personal time is another common resolution!

There’s only one way to make sure this goal comes to life: don’t be a flake. Making casual plans or saying “Yes, we’ll hang out!” and not following up means never getting together. Instead, make specific plans the first time you bring up the idea. Don’t make vague plans like “hanging out” but instead make plans for lunch at this place on this date at this time. Setting up concrete details ensures follow through on both ends!

3) Smokeless Starts

In keeping with the healthy lifestyle goals, kicking smoking to the curb ranks high on the list of New Year’s resolutions. Most smokers try to stop, and give in again. Don’t be discouraged: On average it takes a smoker 3 or 4 tries before ridding of the habit for good.

So let this year be the year you finally become smoke free! Taking it step by step instead of going cold turkey is best to make it last long term.

There are more nicotine replacement processes easily available than ever and choosing the right one for you can take a little research! From the patch to e-cigarettes to support groups, finding a system that is maintainable for you and slowly easing into it will help you make this attempt last for good.

4) Organization Organization Organization!

Becoming more organized is a tricky goal to accomplish, mainly because of its vagueness. Sure, you can declare that you want to be an organizational machine, but how that translates into your everyday life is another story.

Focus on small actions. Is your work area is a mess and interrupting your productivity? Take a day to clear all files, folders and junk from your desk, put them in order, and maybe even add a plant here or mini-waterfall there for clarity.

Do you cringe at the thought of people riding in your car because it’s a mess? Allocate time to dispose of all those fast food containers and make a day of returning all the yet-to-be returned merchandise that’s been wasting away in your trunk. Buying an agenda may help you visualize all your organization goals, but leaping into action is the only way to simplify your life!

5) Stopping to Smell the Roses

We’re only here for a short time and thus enjoying life is an important resolution to live by. However, getting pulled back into the humdrum monotony of our everyday lives is easier than actually trying new things.

Like all the other resolutions, being specific is key! Deciding on what makes you happy is the first step. Is it food? Or travel? Or new experiences? Whatever it may be, plan out the right way to get there.

Perhaps you want to try a new restaurant every week to indulge the foodie in you, or throw caution to the wind and blow some of your savings on a vacation! Whatever it may be, dreaming about enjoying life and actually doing it can make all the difference. 


Kierra at 14 Jan 2012

This insight's just the way to kick life into this dbetae.

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