Challenging The iPad

When your phone isn’t big enough for you and your laptop is much too large, why not look into getting a tablet? With an ever-growing market for tablets, it’s a great time to buy. But with so many companies jumping into the fray, it can be hard to decide which to go for. All tablets offer the same functionality: Front and rear facing cameras, WIFI, Larger Screens and Portability, and Rechargeable Batteries, but which tablets does all these things the best? Read on to find out.

Blackberry Playbook

The Blackberry has been the phone of the businessman for years, but with the increase in Apps and a larger emphasis with the businessman on the go, it came to a point where Blackberry needed to step up their game.

The Playbook is designed to be a great companion to the smart phone and offers many great features. Being the newest tablet on the market, there are several benefits of going with the playbook. For one, it has a 3 MP camera on the front for video conferencing, and a 5 MP camera on the back, which is much better than some of its competitors. It has high-resolution video and audio playback with the ability to produce 1080p Hi Definition picture quality. Another benefit is that it has a mini HDMI port, to allow HDMI out to your major video source of choice. It is also the second lightest tablet on the market, weighing in at .9lbs. With all these great features, it’s no wonder why people are hardly getting work done.

Apple iPad 2

The powerhouse of the tablet market, the iPad is the reason why tablets are so popular today. The original iPad brought in so many innovations and really kickstarted this trend.

Now that Apple is on it’s 2nd generation, (with, rumor has it, the 3rd to appear later this year), they’ve really ironed out some of the finer details. It may not have the same video playback resolution of the Playbook or Galaxy Tab, but it has something they don’t: The App store.

Yes, the App store is what every device should have. The Android Market is catching up but the sheer number of games, utilities and other programs that can be downloaded to the iPad sets it above the rest. It also has ability to use Airplay, which allows users to send video and audio to other devices, and not necessarily another Apple product. Factor in FaceTime, the iTunes store and a sleek design and you have a tablet that anyone would be happy to get.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

This Android-based tablet has been on the market for a little while now, and it has raised the bar for tablet design. Not only is it the lightest tablet, weighing only .84lbs, but it also has an AMOLED screen (much like that of the Galaxy SII phone).

This means that when you watch movies, your getting a jaw-dropping picture that puts some LCD screens to shame. It does have RCA outputs to allow transfer to a television, but it will not provide as Hi-Def a picture as you might expect, which isn’t all that bad, since the screen itself does more than a good enough job.

It also has the Android App store which is growing very fast, giving non-Apple users something to sink their teeth into. It also has the ability to edit and read Microsoft Office documents, making it ideal for present day workaholics. With a new update for the software due out soon, you can expect any bugs to be worked out shortly, which will make the Galaxy Tab one to watch.

If you think that the tablet game isn’t for you, and would much rather spend your money on something like a small notebook, you may get some added benefits that the tablets don’t offer. For one, you will have more memory and ram to use, which will allow you to add more documents/files/media and will still allow your laptop to run at a normal pace.

You will also have a full keyboard which some people are sticklers for. Most notebooks don’t have 3G/4G options, which means you need to have access to a WIFI to get onto the internet, but with the smart phones of today and the ability to utilize it as a Hot Spot, its not something to fret over.


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