I’m Jealous of this Sound

The Jealous Sound
A Gentle Reminder
Released: January 31, 2012
Desperation, loneliness, failure, regret, disappointment, fear, the breaking of hearts—oh, it’s all coming back: the teenage years—it feels so good.

The Jealous Sound’s second full length album has finally been released. It was rumoured for years—vague blog posts hinting at studio time, leaked lyrics, unofficial quotes… it was all too much for a die-hard fan such as myself. I’m sure many of you felt the same way. One of my greatest fears was that the sound had changed; it has been roughly four years since their last EP and a whole nine years since they released their first full length, Kill Them with Kindness.

As soon as the first song, “Beautiful Morning,” started playing, I was washed with a wave of relief. Their indie-rock roots are still intact, their signature bass lines skip across each track, they still have their soft guitar riffs thundering into epic choruses, and I even found myself playing a little air guitar… I’m just lame like that (you know you do it too). Another signature characteristic that remains unchanged is Blair Shehan’s emotionally damaged voice; it still resonates with a tone of a man struggling to find happiness in the embrace of a long lost lover.

Like Kill Them with Kindness, A Gentle Reminder is balanced almost perfectly. Every other song has their softer moments, but I would have loved to hear another mellow tune like “Recovery Room.” However, I feel as if every track was paced roughly the same (luckily I love the pace), but I can see others waiting to hear something a little different when it comes to tempo or descant.

Now, A Gentle Reminder seems to be produced in the exact same style as their nine-year-old full length, but is this what we call a lack of progress? Or is it really what we’ve all been wishing for when it comes to our favourite band’s triumphant return? After such a long and painful period of time without another album, it is impossible to not compare the two. Remember when Blink-182 took a good eight year break between their self-titled and their most recent? They came back with something completely different, and granted, some may like it, but it is not the Blink-182 that we know and love. I believe that The Jealous Sound’s ability to maintain their stylistic approach is endearing, and they should be recognized for this skill, not condemned.

The full album streamed on Soundcloud just over a week ago, but it hit the stores on January 31st. There’s no reason to continue going on about how good it is; if you’re a fanatic like me, you’re probably listening to the new album right now, but it better be spinning on your turntable, kicking your laptop fan into overdrive, or fresh out of the iTunes cart, because this one is worth a few dollars.

Lucas DeClavasio is attending his final year at the University of Toronto, studying English and Linguistics. For years, he has been obsessed with the indie-music scene and has had the opportunity to review some of his favourite artists. His contributions are a way for him to combine his love for writing and love for music. 


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