The Gentlemen’s Guide To Scarves

You can tell a lot about a man by the type of scarf they wear. While purses, jewelry and other accessories remain staples for the women of this world, men have dominated the world of scarves and have made them their own! From the topper to the knit to the afghan, the scarf you choose makes a statement about your image. In saying that, we here at BALLnROLL present the Gentleman’s Guide to Scarves!

1) The Topper

You and your boys are gentlemen, no if’s, and’s or but’s. And all gentleman know that every ensemble benefits from just the right topper scarf.

What’s a topper scarf, you ask? It’s the finishing touch on your suit before hitting the town on a night out, or during day time for a business meeting. A light scarf that complements your suit and pulls the entire look together. In the winter this scarf tends to be of a navy, black, or a dark patterned variety. It stays on when your jacket comes off and lets others know that yes, even though you’re in your Dsquared winter lace up boots and cashmere sweater, that you are one put- together urban man.

In the summer, when you switch to linen suits of lighter colors, the topper can switch to a lighter palette as well. After all, nothing says a casual day of yachting like tapered linen pants, loafers, the right tee and the perfect topper!

When choosing a topper go with the best… and no one does a topper quite like Burberry.

2) The Afghan

The afghan had its heyday a couple years back when every wannabe hipster out there was rocking the black and white checkered one. Those have since become obsolete (and if you do wear one, it’s at the risk of looking passe) but the afghan, or big wrap scarf, is still as popular as ever.

Warm, practical and still hip, the afghan screams: I’m hipster and practical! For men, we suggest something of a rougher material. A cashmere afghan will appear as if you raided your mother’s closet, not some obscure downtown clothing store. From couch throw to makeshift hamper, the afghan has many uses outside of its scarf as a scarf, giving it the aura of apathy of “I just thew this on and how cool is that”.

Whether it was knit by a local hole in the wall or purchased from Holt’s, the afghan is a staple for all aspiring hipsters and otherwise.

Big and printed, this Urban Outfitters big wrap scarf is an ideal afghan.

3) The Knit

The knit scarf is a classic; no fuss, no muss and entirely adorable in its unpretentiousness. You’re not the kind of dude who keeps up with fashions (Gucci? That’s pronounced gucky, right?) or knows what’s hot or what’s not. You’re a manly man and you wear your knit thrown over a warm plaid shirt, jeans and thick sweaters.

The knit is likely a scarf you got from your mom or grandmother when you were young and you just haven’t bothered to replace it. It’s warm, comfy, and probably from Roots or is an Olympic edition from the Bay. Your knit has been with you through thick and thin and you plan on keeping it that way until it’s no longer wearable. Rugged and boyishly attractive, the knit is perfect for the boy (or should we say man) next door!

This Rag and Bone scarf is wooly, gray, knitted and manly…aka the perfect Simply Scarf!

4) The Skinny

You’re a man of impeccable style and you’re not afraid to show it. The skinny scarf is something only a man of your fashion caliber can rock effortlessly… because let’s face it, functionality-wise the skinny scarf ranks at a zero. Therefore it must be worn with straight-up style!

An exclusively summer scarf, the skinny can add a gentlemanly elegance to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Worn with a T-shirt and well fitting trousers or jeans is the perfect way to go. However, don’t choose a T-shirt with too much of a v-neck or you’ll risk looking like a washed up 70’s rocker.

Tailored clean lines go best with the Skinny as well as a easy breezy attitude. Stick with simple colors (no need for patterns here) and non-fussy materials such as cashmere or a cotton blend. The Skinny sets you apart from all the other hoi polloi of summer outfits donned by men and kicks your style levels up a notch!

Get your Skinny fix in a plethora of different colors via American Apparel.


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