5 Things To Do When Spring Fever Hits


 As Spring rears its warm and refreshing head around the corner, all of us either single or in a couple are hit with a case of Spring Fever! You know what I’m referring to… a whole lot of romance seem to be in the air and it’s nothing short of lovely. With a renewed zest for life and desire to kick start your romantic life or inject some spice into your existing relationship, we here at BALLnROLL have you covered! Here’s our guide to the best Spring Fever activities!

1) Take in a show.

No, we don’t mean a musical or a movie but something much more exciting! Get tickets to your favorite talk show’s live taping and be prepared for some fun and entertainment!

It’s easier than you might think to land yourself in the audience of a talk show. Going onto the show’s website is the best way to do it, and even if there is a bit of a wait, it’s worth it! We’re talking audience giveaways, seeing your favorite celebrities in action, and being part of television magic.

While most big productions (Ellen, The View, Letterman) are filmed in Los Angeles and New York, there are a plethora of good local shows filmed in every city. If you’re going with your honey, it’s a great way to spend time together getting excited over the same thing (picking a show you’re both interested in is best, obviously!) and if you’re single, it’s one more outlet to meet new people.

Picking out your niche is key. If you love interior decorating, get tickets to a show of the same theme and be prepared to mingle during those commercial breaks!

2) Go dancing… not at a club!

While getting sweaty and grinding at a club is one way to dance, there are much less scandalous methods of getting your groove on! Taking a dance class is one of them. While the image of elderly folk getting their waltz on may pop into your heads, we were thinking more along the lines of salsa dancing at a hot Latin bar!

A surprising number of Latin restaurants and bars have nights where they amp up sexy salsa music and have patrons dance the night away. A few even offer classes beforehand. As a couple, learning some slinky new dance moves together vertically may help things out later horizontally… and if not, the process of learning a dance together should provide more than enough laughs together. While going solo and single to a salsa night can be intimidating, going with a group of your single girlfriends will be less so! What better way to meet new guys? New guys who can dance well? Score.

3) Work that body.

Suggesting getting into shape as a new activity is nothing new — but it wouldn’t be so overdone if it didn’t work! With swimsuit season weeks away, there’s no better time than now to whip those limbs and tummy into a toned and shapely structure. The good thing about fitness is that there are endless options. As a couple you can do any number of things together: go for hikes, indoor rock-climbing, spin classes, cleanses, jogs, swims, and the list goes on. Having a motivator alongside you the entire time makes mutual goals easier and much more fun to accomplish.

Plus, you’ll both have improved bodies to mutually ogle over. And improved endurance means added fun in the bedroom! There really is no downside here.

And as a single health-minded person, you’re going to be meeting other rock hard bodies! While the gym can be a meat market during the summer, try classes or smaller studios where you’ll meet quality people as opposed to muscle heads. Getting fit has never been so fun.

4) Strike out.

Bowling was lame. Then it got a glow-in-the-dark/top 40 music makeover and was cool for a second. Then became lame again. And now it’s cool. Got it? Good!

With the retro revival of bowling, the sport has regained its swag and is all the rage again. In Toronto, the opening of a slickly designed and higher-price pointed bowling alley in the middle of the Entertainment District has led to even the cool kids bowling on a Friday night.

A welcome change from the club scene, chic bowling has all the drinking and fun of a club minus all the crowds and sweat. Go in a group of friends either single or with your significant other and it’s sure to be a win. Laughing together as you attempt different techniques (I’m a granny-style bowler, sadly), and pick out nicknames for the screen… it’s wholesome fun we barely get to experience as adults. A strike? Not in the least.

5) Stuff your face!

Spring and summer is foodie heaven as cities come alive with food festivals and street festivals. I know my hometown of Toronto has plenty from now until colder days hit and they all feature scrumptious delights.

While sitting at a restaurant for dinner may get old, roaming the streets hand in hand with your love while tasting new bits and bites of cuisines is a Spring Fever hit.

These festivals often include live music, cultural performances and other interesting little kiosks set up and down what would normally be a busy street for vehicle traffic. So take the time to stroll through some of your favorite neighborhoods and experience them through taste and sound! Going single with your friends or even solo is another good option! The crowds are often good mixture of family, teens, adults and almost every other demographic looking to make the most of warm weather. Bon Appetite!



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