Grunge Is Back (And Better Than Ever)

There’s a game twenty-somethings often play when it comes to people-watching called Homeless or Hipster? Just as the title suggests, it alludes to the fact that, trend-wise right now, grunge is very much back in. With every fashion season we see, looks from the past are being made modern and updated for this generation of stylish beings. Instead of the psychadelic prints and bell-sleeves of the 70’s, to acid wash jeans of the 80’s, all things 90’s are the newest trend for urban wear. The 90’s had clothes that either made you look super cool or super silly. It’s a fine line between looking the fashionista and looking the fool, so we here at BALLnROLL have your guide to dressing the part!

1) It’s All About the Plaid

Plaid shirts were all the rage in the 90’s and everyone from Cobain to Urkel was wearing them. You don’t want to look as drugged out as Cobain or as dorky as Urkel — just sharp and comfortable. Choosing a plaid shirt that’s tailored is key. No need for an XXL flannel plaid you found tucked away at the cottage somewhere. Instead, try a more fitted look in a bright color combo for a slick finish. Plaid shirts are great for layering in the winter (under a blazer and slim pants or a cardigan) and perfect solo in the summer (with long lean shorts and loafers.) So throw on some plaid and make it your own!

2) Throw on a Cardigan

Again, 90’s icon Kurt Cobain perhaps best embodied this look: a tattered cardgian thown over everything else to complete an outfit. The cardigan was seen in many forms at both London and New York fashion week, and it’s grunge appeal was showcased especally in the Mark Fast collection. Try a worn-in look with thick-knit cardigans that are made of wools and lycras and pair with polished seperates so you look gorgeous and not garbage. We suggest a simple fitted tee with slim trousers and a cardigan overtop. Be sure the cardigan is slouchy and not too tight… it’s more flattering and will keep you looking casual cool instead of wannabe.

3) The Essential Topper

There is no hat more ubiquitous with the 90’s than the beanie. Seen on the heads from the then-hard-partying Johnny Depp to yes, again Cobain, the beanie was low-key warmth and style. A little tricky to pull off as a grown man without looking like you’re scavanging through the trash, the key here is to make sure the rest of your outfit is sharper than a machete. A safe bet outfit is slimmer-than-slim pants, a pair of leather boots, slim-fit sweater with a peacoat on top. Finish off with a beanie and no one will be doubting your fashion sense. Keeping your beanie color neutral (black, gray, beige) is a wise choice as well. You don’t want to look like you’re in elementary school, after all.

4) Updated Brights

While 90’s grunge were known for their muted color tones (think grays, navys, blacks and dreary greens), the updated version of grunge is bright, bright, and more bright! An easy way to get in on the look without feeling like Rainbow Brite is colored denim. All over the runways and an easily worn option, try your usual denim in brights like yellow, red and electric blue. Where 90’s denim was worn in, holey and loose, the 2012 update is slimmer, slicker and bright. Keep the rest of your ensemble to less in-your-face colors and you’ve got yourself a winning combo. Electric blue jeans, rugged boots, tan knit sweater and a good leather jacket to top it all off? Yes please!

5) Doc it to Me

The Doc Marten defined footwear of the 90’s and is making a comeback today! With updated styles and wild prints replacing the old classics, the Doc Marten is practcal, trendy and stylish. A little on the clunky side when it comes to appearance, be sure to wear the shoe with skinny jeans and not baggy jeans, or risk looking like a college kid circa 1994. Skinny jeans and a polished coat scream trendy pro instead of grnge amateur. While the all floral or other similarly wild prints on the new versions of Docs are entertaining, we’d stick to black or other dark colors to keep things sophisticated.



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