The 4 Most Effective Styles Of Flirting

Flirting comes more naturally to some men than it does to others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn! There are tons of different ways that guys convey their interest in the opposite sex and we’ve narrowed it down for you to the most effective and popular styles out there! From the physical to the traditional, these are pick up tips to get your game from good to golden. Let the flirting begin!

1) The Old School

This is the dude who knows all the ladies are independent (throw your hands up in the ay-er!) but wants to take care of her anyway. Traditional, maybe, but as long as it’s sweet and not controlling, the Old School Flirt has got it going on!

Key factors of this tried an true approach are that the men do the pursuing while the women are doted upon. These men always make the first move and then take it from there. The pros? If you’re trying this out in the nightlife scene, you’re one of very few men using this technique. You’ll stand out with your proper old school ways. The cons? She might think that you’re chauvinistic. The key here is to show that you’re not looking to be dominant, just caring!

The Old School in action: The next time you’re with the lady of your liking, suggest a date where you know exactly where and what you’re going to do: restaurant and apres-dining activity. Aggressiveness never looked so good.

2) The One Nighter

The name says it all. You’re flirting with one goal and one goal only: to get in her pants. Whereas the Old School typically is the kind of guy who pursues a girl he really knows he likes and wants to start a relationship with, the One Nighter is…well the kind of guy who pursues any hot chick and wants to start a session in the sheets with her.

The One Nighter plays off of one thing and one thing only: sexual chemistry. If you’re getting vibes from a girl that screams bow-chicka-wow-wow and are feeling particularly lucky, go ahead and make a move. The One Nighter operates best in a club environment where the music is loud and the air is heavy. Make sure the girl isn’t drunk as a skunk (If she’s slurring, unsteady in walking or out of it, that’s a big, fat, NO) and go get em’ tiger!

The One Nighter in action: The friend of a friend who you’re group-hanging with at a club and you have been eyeing each other all night. Take her hand and lead her to the dance floor during a particularly grind-worthy song. Bow-chicka-wow-wow indeed!

3) The Ferrell

As in Will Ferrell. Humor is highly underrated when it comes to flirting and the Ferrell sets out to show that jokes can lead to success. The trick here? Sheer volume. If you’re hamming it up for a woman and she’s just not biting, keep going. Don’t be annoying or cheesy (one-liners like “Are you wearing sneakers? Because you’re been running around in my head all day!” are a no-go). If you’ve got good material, eventually she will laugh! Staying witty and sharp is a safe bet. Make sure that you create a comfortable environment that she doesn’t feel threatened in; non-aggressiveness and highly entertaining are all good things when it comes to your first few interactions.

The Ferrell in action: There’s a dude obviously trying way too hard at the venue you’re at: super-low and too-tight v-neck, loud chains, the works. Go up to her and say something that observationally makes fun of this, like “I think that guy over there was looking for the Jersey Shore but got lost and ended up here!” Nothing bonds two people like mutually making fun of others.

4) The Joshin’

If you flirt more for sport than for taking home actual game, than you’re Joshin’. As in, just joshing with you! The playful approach is a good one, if a little amateur. Generally seen as something done for your own ego rather than actual pursuing of a girl, the Joshin’ usually involves lots of backhanded compliments compiled with charming smiles and impressing as many chicks as possible while you’re on the sly.

Effective if you focus on one chick, the Joshin’ creates a playful rapport that can end in a number or a date if you seal the deal after all the kidding. The trick? Keeping her on her toes until the very last moment when you swoop in. You can cheekily take her phone and program your number or some other slick-but-cutesy move. The only con with the Joshin’ if that if you are doing it for sport and a girl sees you smirking at not just her, but a plethora of chicks, chances are you’ve killed your game with her.

The Joshin’ in action: Keep it playful yet physical. After initially breaking the ice, be sure to touch her arm every so often or muss up her hair comically. Lots of laughter, a little mystery and a spot-on smile are the keys!



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