5 Signs That She’s Toxic For You

The process of getting to know someone when you’re dating can be filled with a lot of unexpected surprises. Sometimes those unexpected surprises are good, and, inevitably, some are bad. While tiny pet peeves can be easily overlooked in the presence of love, how do we know when bad becomes toxic? When the girl you’re dating becomes a negative influence on your life, it’s time to say bye, bye, baby! Here are 5 red flags to look out for when navigating the dating jungle:

1) The Crazy Co-efficient

Talking about each of your respective exes after knowing each other for a while means you’re in a place in the relationship where you’re comfortable sharing. Sharing is great, but if she describes all her exes as “crazy”, then chances are she’s the crazy one.

We all have a couple crazy exes who go a little bonkers after the break-up, but if your girl has a string of exes who all seem to be just short of insane, she might be the psycho link connecting them all.

Whether she’s intolerant of normal dude behavior, so high maintenance that no guy could handle her, or insanely jealous to a point of cray, describing all of her exes as crazy is a surefire sign to run away and run away fast.

2) The Attitude Abnormality

She may be sweet as sugar pie to you, but seeing how your honey treats others is a telltale sign of what kind of a heart she has. Does she snap at the waiter at restaurants? Toss her keys carelessly at valet drivers? If so, get out and get out now. A woman who is lovely to her friends and her man, but rude and careless to others, especially service people, not only makes her mean but a snob as well. A superiority complex is never a fun thing to deal with. And, should you ever do anything she disapproves of, she’s likely to kick you to the curb faster than you can say, “I should’ve known.”

3) The Picky Particle

We all adjust little things to fit the needs of our loved ones: sitting through chick flicks, pretending to like antique shopping, etc. While making compromises are labors a love, if she nags and nitpicks you about every little thing, it’s not a good sign. Are your clothes, hair, the way you handle your friends and situations not good enough for her? Does she subtly manipulate you to change things you were perfectly happy with?

If you are looking to improve your style, for instance, and ask your trendy girlfriend for advice, that’s fine. If you’ve always dressed a certain way and liked it and she tries to get you to be another person? That’ not. You know you’re pretty awesome. Now find someone else who feels the same.

4) The Demanding Diffusion

We all get jealous. It’s human nature to protect your loved ones. But when you’re dating someone, the key is having mutual trust. If there is none of that – then, well, there really is no future. If she demands to know where you are and what you’re up to every second of the day, she 100% does not trust you. Protective is one thing. Possessive is another.

While you are never going to know every little thing about what another person, even the one you’re dating, is up to, you can trust them to be a good person. She obviously does not if she’s the kind of person who goes through your phone and internet history. Take our advice and leave all Demanding Debbies at the door.

5) The Headgame Hypothesis

The chase is all part of the singles game. The games of cat and mouse should stop, however, when you’ve actually started dating and caring for a person. If your girl constantly seems to be testing you, you can be certain that she’s a little bonkers. If she flirts blatantly in front of you just to see your reaction, gets upset over nothing to see what you’ll do and other nonsensical things, she’s insanely insecure and going to need constant reassurance. Her happiness will be solely dependent on you, and that’s not an enjoyable ride for anyone. Head games should start and end after a few dates in favor of real care and trust. Let her play her mind games with herself, and move on.
There you have it, men. If the women you’re seeing has one or more of these toxic signs, we’d head for the hills.


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