How to Choose the Right Sunglasses


Shopping for sunglasses is a unique challenge. Without size indicators, – like our comfortably uniform ‘small’,’ medium’, and ‘large’ – it’s difficult to tell if something really fits you. Shades come in every size, style, and colour imaginable. It’s easy to feel like you’re standing in a sea of options with no idea what to look for.

While there will never be small, medium or large tags in the sunglasses aisle, there are some identifiers that you can hone in on to make sure your new shades aren’t drowning your face. When it comes to glasses, the shape of your face should determine the pair you choose.

To figure out your face shape, stand in front of the mirror and slick your hair back. This is best done immediately after a shower, since your wet hair will be flat and won’t obscure your head shape.

There are 6 common face shapes to identify with: oval, square, heart-shaped, round, diamond, and oblong. Here’s a guide to make sure that whatever your face shape, you’re wearing the right sunglasses.

Oval Face 
Anyone with an oval face will look good in most styles. That means you can pull off anything from trendy hipster shades to classic aviators and everything in between.

Square Face

For square faces, sunglasses should ideally add length to the face. If you choose something too angular and bulky, it will emphasize the width of your forehead.
If you choose a round, oval or cats-eye style, you’ll enhance your strong jawline and create length.

Heart Shaped Face

With a heart face, it’s easy for glasses to eclipse your jawline and draw attention to your wide forehead. You want to ensure that your glasses are creating balance.

Go for a pair of sunglasses that’s bottom heavy – maybe with low-set temples or heavier detailing under the frame – and you’ll draw attention to the mid-lower width of your face, rather than the top.

Round Face

With a round face, you’ll want to try angular styles to create length.

If you go for a pair with sharp edges and temples that are high-set, you’ll create a thinning effect for the face.

Diamond Face

If you have a diamond face, you’ve got a few options. You’ll want to emphasize those cheek bones and draw attention to the mid-top of your face.

Try cat-eye or rimless styles to draw attention to your cheeks. Or, give an oval pair a try to create facial balance.

Oblong Face

With an oblong face, you want to avoid any styles that lengthen or squash the face, like square frames.

Go for broad looking frames that are relatively heavy to create width at the top of your face. Try something with a tall frame to shorten the face, too. 


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