Is The New iPad Worth It?

Let’s face the facts here: you either love Apple or you don’t. Say what you want about the company or why you don’t like the gadgets they come out with, it still can’t be denied that Apple pushes the boundaries of technology on a constant basis. Sure you may like the Android phones better, or Dell laptops, but if it weren’t for Apple, the technological wonders you use in your non-Apple life wouldn’t exist. The iPhone helped make the smart phone what it is today, and the iPad revolutionized the tablet. But in a world where these new toys come with a pretty big price tag, is it worth it to buy each upgrade every time a new one is released? 

In some cases, absolutely. When the iPhone 4S came out, it really was an improvement on the iPhone 4. With Siri integration and a much better front and rear-facing camera, it made sense for buyers to want to cash in their early contract upgrades. Some people were hoping for a total redesign and the “iPhone 5” monogram, but you can’t win them all. So when Apple launched the new iPad HD (no, it is not called the iPad 3), the question on everyone’s mind was whether or not they should pick one up, whether or not it was that big of a step up from the iPad 2, and if it made sense to wait for the next generation?

First, let me start by saying the iPad 2 and the new iPad both look the exact same, and only differ a bit when it comes to the weight, so lets just move that aside, as it really does not factor into making a decision on buying it. What differs is what’s going on inside of the tablet itself.

The biggest change is the display of the new iPad. It is THE selling feature of this generation hands down. The resolution on the new retina screen is 2048×1536, which is four times as many pixels as the previous iPads to hit the market (even more pixels than your average 1080p TV). The contrast/brightness/clarity is incredible, so your pictures and videos look far crisper and sharper. Even e-reader apps are improved by this display. The words look more defined making everything online, or downloaded, easier to read. Taking a look at the iPad 2 and then looking at the same content of the new iPad, you can instantly tell that a lot of effort was put into creating this screen.

With the screen we also have another technological advancement with the iPad. The A5X chip that has been placed inside to replace the old A5 chip, allowing the tablet to run smoothly, especially with the amount of work it has to do to present such sharp and clear images. It is also LTE 4G enabled, for those of you living in areas where this is offered, making surfing and downloading lightning fast. But if you don’t care for the 4G LTE plans and would rather go with the WIFI model instead, you can expect the same response time as its predecessor. Overall, the inner workings of this iPad are far superior to the second generation.

But the question still remains whether or not you should upgrade. For those of you still carrying around the first generation iPad and have been looking for a reason to buy a new one, this is definitely a great product and you would be wise to pick one up. For those of you with the iPad 2, and are content with it, you should be a bit more reluctant to shell out your hard earned cash.

It really comes down to the user of the tablet itself. If picture quality is that important to you or you download things constantly on the go and will be picking up the 4G LTE model, then this may just be what you need. But for the rest of us who are using the WiFi enabled model and really only use it for casual purposes, than you may want to wait and see what else Apple has in the pipeline. Knowing them, it’s going to be something good.



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