Spotlight: Lucian Matis

With more than enough homegrown talent, Canadian designers are being propelled into the spotlight after a stunning Toronto Fashion Week! One of the most successful names in the Canadian Fashion industry is Lucian Matis. This Romanian born Toronto-based designer gained recognition by being featured (and coming in second!) on Project Runway Canada. Since then, he’s shown his decadent creations at fashion week and has become a fixture in the media circuit. Women not only ogle his collections on the runway, but jump at the chance to wear them in real life. We caught up with the designer to talk about everything from his latest collections to Angelina Jolie’s style!

BALLnROLL: During Toronto Fashion Week this past month, you presented your Matis by Lucian Matis Line, and showed your couture line Lucian Matis separately. Was it important for you to show your more consumer-friendly, and more everyday wearable collection at the tents? Many designers nowadays have a more affordable line aside from their couture lines — is it important for you to have the everyday fashionista who might not have a big budget know who Lucian Matis is?

Matis: Believe it or not, I felt the ambience of the room at the Fairmount Royal York with its beautiful Art Deco columns and ceiling frescos were more appropriate to complement the ambience with my Lucian Matis collection. I was proud to showcase my Matis by Lucian Matis at the tents because the range of everyday to evening hopefully showcased the variety of my designs for all women and not just couture. It really went from casual chic to full-on evening wear, something that all women can relate to.

BALLnROLL: How would you describe the type of girl who would wear Matis by Lucian Matis? And how would you describe the kind of girl who would wear the Lucian Matis line? Is there a difference?

Matis: The women who wears Matis by Lucian Matis loves style without the fussiness. My line caters to women of all sizes with stunning and yet sensible and accessible lines to suit their daily lives. This could be seen in my jackets, skirts, pants and evening wear.

The Lucian Matis collection is very specific in the sense that everything is done by hand and is labor-intensive. My Fall/Winter 2012 collection was dedicated to ultra chic, sophisticated looks encompassing hand-sewn macrame lace and feathers where each garment took weeks to procure. This is designed for a woman who wishes to be noticed and feels a red carpet under her feet at all times.

BALLnROLL: Your Lucian Matis F/W 2012 Line was decidedly Goth, yet still extremely sexy with its lace and sheer qualities. What were your inspirations for this line? How does it differ from your past collections?

Matis: I wouldn’t necessarily call it “Goth” and find it a strange phrase considering the symmetry and lace techniques. If one looks very closely, there is, in fact, more of an Art Deco theme meets Parisian couture. The only “Goth” one can consider is the fact that is was done in Black.

Every collection I undertake each season is usually thematic but very different from its predecessors. This way, I can showcase many styles but still retain my little touches which can be recognizable by my customers. Finding that balance each season is always the challenge but it is also a lot of fun.

BALLnROLL: Many of your fans know you from participating in Project Runway Canada. You have also been featured on many television segments such as Etalk, ET Canada and more. Do you feel that in the Canadian fashion industry it is vital to become a media personality as well as a designer? Do you feel being a media personality is a good platform to spread awareness of your designs in a country where many Canadian designers aren’t household names?

Matis: The media plays a major role in any creator’s life. I feel that it makes us more accessible and hopefully allows potential consumers to see who we are and how we interpret things. Project Runway was a fantastic springboard in my career and any and all interviews that come my way can only assist my brand and my philosophies reaching a wider audience.

BALLnROLL: If you could dress any one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Matis: I have always loved Angelina Jolie. I’ve always admired her style and the way she wears her clothes. Her posture also speaks volumes about her self esteem and posture is so important when you wear something you truly love.

BALLnROLL: There were purses and hats featured in your show this year. Do you have any plans to launch a full handbag or accessories line any time soon?

Matis: I have sold belts and jewelery on the Shopping Channel in the past but keep your eyes peeled in the not too distant future for more exciting things to come.

BALLnROLL: What are your goals and aspirations for Lucian Matis in the future? More everyday-wearable collections, or a focus on high fashion? Do you plan on staying in Toronto or moving your base elsewhere?

Matis: I do have plans and I am working on a multitude of projects right now and the results of those will ultimately affect the direction of my house.

With growing success on the horizion, we wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina steppped out in a Matis creation one day. In the mean time, Toronto fashonistas everywhere can help themselves to red-carpet worth frocks and daytime looks via!


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