The Year Of The Gentleman

 1) Jeremy Lin brings it back to the court!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard all about Asian sensation Jeremy Lin who, against all odds, was signed to the Knicks this season and killed it his first slew of games as part of the NBA.

While he’s probably out for the remainder of the season due to injury, Lin proved the exact opposite of the pompous, playboy baller stereotype fans have become used to in the short time he was in action. (Fresh from surgery, everyone has their fingers crossed that Lin will return shortly).

Harvard educated, insanely humble and entirely grateful, Lin has expressed poise and clarity even when under fire. (An ESPN staffer was fired for calling Lin a ‘chink’ in a racially insensitive headline.)

Lin also stands out in that he is highly religious and quite vocal about being so. Tim Tebow is perhaps the only other athlete who so openly shares his Christianity with his fans. Citing God as his constant inspiration and support in press conferences and interviews, Lin also makes it clear on his Facebook and Twitter pages… his Twitter avatar is even a cartoon depicting Christ. Well-spoken, humble, and morally astute, Lin has brought not only his stellar game to the Knicks, but a reminder that gentlemen can be killer athletes too. Let the Linsanity continue.

2) Kanye, The Renaissance Man

A true gentleman is skilled in not just his trade, but in an assortment of trades. A Renaissance man is hard to come by in recent years. It seems as though when a man finds something he can make money at, he sticks with it. Enter Kanye.

Arguably the world’s most outspoken rapper, we know there’s no shortage of ego in this man. A longtime producer who took to the mic with amazing (to put it mildly) results, it makes sense he would try his hand at a bevy of other areas. Where Ye seems to be most persistent is fashion.

A front-row fixture at fashion weeks around the world, Kanye took the next step last year and showed his own collection at Paris fashion week. The results this time? Not as good. Disastrous, if you will. The critics tore it apart, and women the world over vowed to never wear a Kanye design.

However, always the Renaissance man, Ye has since applied to do his Masters in fashion design at the acclaimed Central Saint Martins College under so-called Style Dictator Louise Wilson. Whether Kanye will become a skilled designer who knows how to make beautiful clothes for women is yet to be seen. The fact that he’s pursuing it with his all, and still putting out songs we can’t stop listening to? Total gentleman.

3) Jay-Z Settles Down

When Jay put a ring on it and made his single lady Beyonce his wifey, it was the end of the single Jay era. No more video vixens, no more rapping about bitches, etc. But, if ever a gentleman was to land top prize when it comes to women, Beyonce is surely it. While Jay may still rap about bitches from time to time, we know now that the former drug dealer turned success story from NYC is just rapping for the sake of art. Because Homeboy is a father now!

Putting a ring on it and starting a family with the most ballin’ women in the world? Yup. We’d say that counts as pretty gentlemanly, wouldn’t you? Blue Ivy Carter was born just a few months ago and we all let out a collective “awww” as the first pictures of quite possibly the luckiest little girl in the world were released. Any man can amass a fortune and be flashy. Not every man can settle down and take care of his woman… or should we now say women. Oh Jay, only you could make parenthood look that cool.

4) The Fashion Gods Approve

It was the comeback of the gentleman on the runways in 2011, and continuing well into 2012. From New York to Paris and Milan, men’s fashion weeks showcased put-together ensembles and a new era of formal-cum-casual wear that gives even the everyman an excuse to get all fancy and be right on trend.

From tuxedo-cut jackets made of velvet and other less stiff materials to slim cropped pants perfect for daytime, the slick and clean silhouette of the man in a suit was an inspiration for all the designers. Even casual wear comprised of well-thought-out ensembles comprising of layers upon layers.

Slim pants, bright socks, loafers, a chunky turtleneck, fitted peacoat, scarf, leather man-purse and gloves, for example, was a common look seen on multiple runways. The thought-out, slickly executed and highly manicured style of man is back. We couldn’t be happier. 


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