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Nowadays, it’s a popular trend for celebrities to come out with their own product line. Female pop stars are coming out with perfumes (mind you, so is Justin Bieber), while other celebrities endorse various products like headphones and other gadgets. Most recently however, we have seen some big names come out with their own time pieces. Dwyane Wade came out with his own luxury time piece with an interesting design and a heft price tag. But let me ask you, what names come to mind when you think of high end time pieces? Tag Heuer? Rolex? Maybe Omega or Breitling? I may even include Nixon into the fray, but that is really depending on what Nixon watch you’re buying.

What if I were to add Randy Jackson’s name to the list? Yes, American Idol judge and music producer Randy Jackson has created his own line of timepieces, and we have the first look!

Teaming up with Clyde Duneier Inc., who have been working with precious gemstones and fine jewelry since 1910, Jackson hopes to bring timepieces back to the forefront of style and onto the wrists of the whole family. Creating new watches, Jackson has different stylings separated into 6 categories: Contemporary Classics, Automatic, Sport, Ceramic, Limited Edition and Couture. So no matter what type of watch you want or need, Jackson hopes he has a large enough selection that you may find one that fits your lifestyle.

The Timepieces By Randy Jackson collection offers a wide assortment of watches for both men and women, some of which are also unisex. The design that I was able to see for the men’s watch was aesthetically pleasing, with a nice leather band, clean polished silver bezel and a clean white dial. Sounds like an ordinary watch right? Well the main difference is the markers. The design choice of the numbers and the two chronographs that appear on the dial set the watch apart from other designers.

It’s definitely fashionable, but don’t expect telling the time to be easy. In lieu of numbers, or dashes on the face, they have opted for roman numerals in varying degrees of sizes. It makes for an interesting looking piece, but if you value functionality over style, then you may be looking elsewhere, not because you can’t tell the time per se, but because in a hurry, and with a quick glance, the time may be more difficult to ascertain then on a normal watch with numbers.

Unfortunately, I was only able to see that particular watch for men, but I was able to check out various others from the collection. Since they were named after their materials or shape, deciding which belonged into which sub category was both easy and difficult. Some were definitely for women while the others were harder to label.

I only say that because the two that could be possibly considered unisex are much too effeminate to be a man’s watch. The white ceramic band and diamond edged bezel, and gold/silver/rose gold (depending on the model purchased) trimmings would not work in a mans wardrobe no matter how stylish he was.

These particular pieces left a lot to be desired. Instead of standing out in an already oversaturated market, some of the pieces end up blending in with other pieces available from retailers like Michael Kors or Guess.

However, the women’s watches do offer a better design. A square shape with a slight pinch in the middle, coupled with diamonds trims on the bezel, and a stylish leather band, these slim streamlined pieces will look good with any wardrobe and won’t overpower an otherwise slender wrist.

Why Randy Jackson has decided to jump into the watch game is anyones guess, although as stated in the press release:

“The time has come to bring style and the next ‘it’ thing in fashion to everyone; watches for the whole family!” says Randy Jackson. “My passion and love of timepieces has brought about a collection of hot, cool styles that everybody can enjoy.”

It seems that with enough money, an already installed fan-base and a large enough sum of money, anyone can come out with a line of time pieces. I will reserve judgement until all of the pieces are unveiled. So far the men’s watches look promising, but with only one photo to go on, and no price tag, its hard to determine if it’s worth the purchase.



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