7 Foods to Avoid Before Your Next Date


It’s Friday night and you’re finally going on a date with that cute brunette from accounting. Maybe you picked the perfect location, got a fresh haircut and wore your best clothes, but that won’t matter if your date can smell you from a mile away.

You just took a shower and brushed your teeth, so you don’t have to worry. Right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t all come down to hygiene. After all, odor comes from all over the body, not just from the outside. This means no matter how hard we scrub, we can’t always wash ourselves clean of unpleasant odors. And as you probably already know, bad breath and body odor will repel just about every girl.

Don’t fret, there are ways to avoid smelling like yesterday’s garbage. Particularly, what we eat will effect the way we smell.

The food we ingest creates certain chemical and digestive reactions within the body. Based on these reactions, our bodies produce chemicals and hormones to restore balance to our system. These internal reactions to food can result in sweat, halitosis, flatulence and more.

Of course, all of these things can tarnish an otherwise wonderful evening.

So, before a date, make sure you avoid odor and discomfort causing foods. For that matter, avoid them while you’re on the date, too.

How will you know which foods to avoid? It’s simple. Just refer to this handy guide.

1) Milk and other dairy products. Sure, it’s important to get calcium and vitamin D, but your date doesn’t want to smell milk breath.

When you ingest dairy, amino acids build up and create a sulfur compound that sticks around your tongue and throat. That’s why milk breath is so hard to relieve. You can brush your teeth and get initial relief, but the film built up in your throat will start to smell again within minutes

If you want your post-gym protein shake but don’t want the bad breath associated with it, go for a non-dairy based powder mixed with water. If you drink protein shakes on a regular basis, you know that they can cause bad breath, too. Unlike milk products, the shake will only leave a bad aftertaste that is easily evacuated with a thorough tooth brushing.

In addition to causing bad breath, dairy products are known to cause flatulence.  So this is one of the most important food types to avoid before a big date!

2) Beans. You’ve heard the children’s rhyme: “Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot.” This shouldn’t come as a shocker.

Beans contain a sugar known as oligosaccharide, which results in flatulence. While a healthy part of the diet, beans are famous for causing burps and farting that no date wants to withstand.

Skip your lunchtime burrito and opt for something a little lighter. Also keep in mind that, if you enjoy a big english breakfast with beans, the chemical reaction can still result in flatulence that evening.

3) Coffee. A common problem among adults, everyone has a friend or acquaintance with notoriously bad coffee breath. I still remember my grade school science teacher suffering from outrageously bad breath, probably because he could barely stay awake explaining how light is produced to a group of 12-year-olds. The point is, you remember the guy with horrible coffee breath.

But, why is coffee breath such a hard thing to cover up? Well, coffee is very acidic, especially compared to human saliva. When we ingest coffee, our body creates that sulfur compound similar to when we ingest milk. Because this sulfur compound sticks to our throat, it’s extremely hard to wash it away. 

If you absolutely need that morning coffee, make sure you’re eating non-acidic foods for the rest of the day so that your body can restore its balance before the big date. Skip your afternoon coffee and opt for an energizing stretch session, instead.

4) Candy. Those sulfur compounds love sugar, too! Sugar creates bacteria that allows the sulfur compounds to reproduce, sticking to your throat and tongue.

Don’t be tempted to pop in a mint, either, since they’re actually full of sugar. The initial smell will be pleasant, but once the mint has dissolved, those sulfur compounds will start to thrive and an unpleasant smell will take over.

Avoid afternoon sweets and opt for a fresh tooth brushing, rather than a mint. If you get an afternoon sugar craving, try going for something naturally sweet, like sliced melon, instead of sugar-packed candies and chocolates.

5) Fried food. We’ve all experienced the bloating sensation associated with fried food. And, despite its tasty appeal, fried food certainly isn’t healthful.

But, why is that?

Fried food is oily and difficult for our bodies to digest. As our bodies struggle to digest fried food, our digestive process slows down. That means fried food hangs around the digestive tract for longer than most foods, allowing it to turn rancid inside of us. 

The rancid food in our digestive organs begins to secrete smelly gases, resulting in particularly awful flatulence and belching. This process doesn’t just occur with fried foods, but with red meats as well. 

So, opt for a grilled chicken salad, rather than the fried chicken or steak sandwich on the menu.

6) Garlic. And any other pungent spice, for that matter.

Foods with particularly strong smells often create sulfurous gases within our system. These gases – similar to that stinky milk film that hangs around on the tongue and throat – have an unpleasant smell. 

To make matters worse, our bodies don’t really want to hold these gases in. Oh no, our bodies really want to let these gases out.

When we ingest garlic and curry spices, our bodies create sulfurous gases and release them into the blood stream. These gases are then released through our pores – creating body odour – and our lungs – creating unpleasant breath. 

Avoid all spicy foods and anything with an intense aroma on the day of your big date. Otherwise, your date will know exactly what you had for lunch.

7) Junk food. This group is a particularly powerful hitter in the bad odour game.

How so? It’s hard to digest, like fried food and red meats, and packed full of sugar, like candies. 

This means that, when you eat junk food like prepackaged dinners, chips and sodas, you’re creating a slew of chemical reactions within your body. All of these reactions lead to one thing: odour.

The sugar will create that nasty throat and tongue film, while the over-processed nature of junk food will make it nearly impossible to digest. It will sit around in your digestive tract, turning rancid and releasing unpleasant smelling gases into your lungs and pores.

This type of food is the absolute worst to ingest before a big date, so cancel any planned trips to the vending machine.

If you pay close attention to the food you’re consuming on the big day, you’ll notice the difference. Feeling fresh and comfortable will always result in the most important aspect of your date persona: confidence.


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