Scarves Vs. Summer


Scarves are becoming a constant must have accessory. Women and men of all style, taste and personalities have a scarf or have recently been inspired to add the hot accessory into their wardrobe. What pushes people away from wearing a scarf, is not knowing how to style them in Spring/Summer weather, which is understandable; scarves are known to be a winter accessory. But these days customers are supplied with numerous scarf styles, shapes, thickness, lengths and patterns. The key is to choose a scarf that matches your style. Scarves are versatile and can complement you in almost any spring/summer weather conditions.

Which is good, because Canadian weather can be unpredictable. The forecast can say 21 degrees, bright and sunny, yet a cold breeze can make it feel like 15 degrees. It’s worse if you’re wearing 100% summer clothing—brrrrr. Depending of the length and thickness of your scarf you can use it as a “substitute” neck or chest warmer. By effectively wrapping and manipulating the scarf into different styles you wouldn’t need a small jacket when the cool breeze comes along. On the other hand you don’t want to get too hot, so wear your scarf according to the weather—thick-medium scarves for cool or spring weather and thin-light scarves for hot temperatures.

Here are some stylish ways to wear a scarf:


  • Simply loop the scarf around your neck. Thinner, lighter material allows for more elaborate wrapping.

The Parisian Knot

  • Fold the scarf lengthwise, drape it around your neck and insert the loose end through the loop.

Loose Double Flip

  • You can wrap the scarf around your neck once or twice and drape it loosely.

Traditional way*

  • You can still wear the scarf in a traditional way by just draping it over the neck.

Head Loop (If you don’t have a circle scarf you can do this with safety pins and pin the ends of the scarf (at least 60” in length)

  • Spread the circle scarf out wide
  • Put the widest part of the scarf over your head with the seam in the middle.
  • Make a loop with the scarf in front of you.
  • Pull the loop over your head so the scarf lies flat.

Muffler II (my fave)*

  • Fold a rectangle scarf in half length-wise to make it resemble a square.
  • Fold one corner to the middle of the opposite side so that it forms a triangle.
  • Put two ends of the triangle over the back of your neck, leaving a point hanging down in the middle of your body.
  • Tie the scarf in the back and adjust accordingly.

Remember, if you are wearing a patterned scarf, maintain a subdued look for the rest of your outfit. When shopping for scarves, look around to make sure your scarf matches your wardrobe and your swagger.

*Perfect style for a Capo x Regime Scarf

Deidra ‘Hauteur’ Hunter is a Canadian artist, fashion designer and a basketball lover. Creatively wild and delusional, Deidra always has been drawn to art, fashion and sports from a young age. Deidra attended the International Academy of Design to study fashion design, in 2007 she launched Veni Vidi Vinco an artistically driven, edgy contemporary lifestyle brand. Apart from her busy schedule she is currently a fashion contributor to BALLnROLL.


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