This Summer, Menswear Goes Sailing



 The marina is not the only place for blue and white stripes. This summer, men of all trades are wearing nautical inspired outfits, from simple accents to nautical jackets. It’s casual wear that gives you a fresh, clean and sophisticated look.

When going out to buy some new summer t-shirts, keep the nautical theme in mind. These white t-shirts are striped in blue, coral or turquoise, all with blue trim around the collar.

Pictured: Striped T-Shirt, H&M, $6

No one’s asking you to become a sailor, so there’s no need to go matchy-matchy if you haven’t got a yacht, or a small motor boat. With a striped shirt, you can wear some khaki shorts to create a fresh and clean summer look for a warm day.

However, striped t-shirts aren’t the only way men can incorporate some nautical inspirations into their wardrobe. Those comfortable, slip-on boat shoes are in style this season.

The best colours to buy these shoes in are shades of brown, cream or any other neutral so they can match any summer outfit. Since blue is such a popular colour this season, a pair of navy or baby blue boat shoes will easily complement a casual summertime outfit.

Pictured: Timberland Classic 2 Eye Boat Shoe, $90

Shoes with contrasting soles will also give a modern twist to the classic style. The other great thing about boat shoes is they usually have great support, which is handy for sunshine strolls.

Men who’d like to give these shoes a try will definitely be able to find a colour and texture that will provide them a unique shoe, while still maintaining a trendy look.

When it comes to shopping for colour this season, designers recommend blues and neutrals with accents of yellow, orange and red to give the modest outfit a mild, but bold flare. Some of H&M’s key garments for the summer that are influenced by the nautical theme include a cotton double-breasted navy blazer and a nautical striped sweater. Remember that classic nautical stripes are horizontal, not vertical.

When looking for fabric, think clean and crisp. Cotton and linen are great for the summer because they’re fabrics that breathe. A sweater made of light wool give this same effect as well.

Pictured: Jumper with side stripes, Zara, $50

The nautical look is great for the summer, whether going for a bike ride, picnic, day at the beach or on a patio. One item of clothing acting as an accent to your look will definitely do the trick. And since blues and neutrals are in style, it makes it easy to find an outfit that works. Happy sailing!


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