Womenswear: What Outfits Are Unwearable?

These days fashion has flooded the internet, and countless styles, coordination of clothing and, most importantly, originality is more present than ever before. Fashion has evolved in a way that impossible outfits, like white jeans or baseball caps, are becoming easier to pull off.

Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss, French Vogue’s editor Emmanuelle Alt, and Fashion blogger Emily Weiss have been spotted wearing one of 2012 spring/summer hot trend, white jeans. It’s understandable that you may be timid to add blinding white crisp jeans to your outfit, here are a couple of tips that will change your mind.

Since white is such an outspoken color to wear, especially as jeans, you need to coordinate with colors that will tone down its loudness and create balance to your outfit.

Now, there are many ways to stylize an outfit, but to keep things simple, follow the “color balance” theory. View how these fashionistas coordinated their outfits—they’ve “sandwiched” their white jeans between two bold contrasts colors.

The traditional trendy way to wear whites jeans are: black top, white jeans, black shoes– simple, chic and follows the “color balance” theory. Even so, the rules are not set in stone; accessories can also be added to create this fresh trendy look. This “color balance” pattern is frequently seen throughout every fashionista’s ensemble.

I recently heard that baseball hats are another difficult trend to “pull off”. Just to update you, baseball hats were a huge trend on last season’s runways. The trend popped up on all fashion show-goers at NYFW and it became a refreshing sporty alternative to the traditional fedora.

How to pull off the look?

Now this style differs from the White Jeans, “color balance” theory. Since the baseball hat is known to be a sporty, male accessory you have to flourish your outfit with strong feminine look, think of bringing to the whole vibe of your look a mix of chic and sexy.

Check out these NYFW show-goers; they wore the sporty baseball hat, yet to tone down the “boyish” look, they enhanced their outfit with short skirts, dresses or fur jackets. Any trendy outfit can turn a baseball hat into a must have accessory.

There is no such thing as an “un-wearable outfit”. Remember Missy Elliot’s video “I can’t stand the rain”? She was dubbed “Avant-garde” for wearing and confidently dancing in a black plastic bag!

Fashion is beautiful and it is more personality driven then before; you can follow fashion trends to keep your style current; even so, it’s your confidence that will allow you to pull-off any outfit!



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