5 Awesome Ways To Ask Your Girlfriend Out On A Date

In high school, all the boys would take the time to plan how they would ask their date to the prom. The look on the girls’ faces were priceless when they would see the letters p-r-o-m? spelled out on the wall with black tape or a special note on their locker. So why is it that for most men, the romance of asking someone out stops after prom?

It doesn’t have to be expensive or even fancy, it’s not a marriage proposal, it’s a date. No need for blimps in the sky or loud announcements. The key to romance is creativity, so how do we bring back the romance when asking your special someone out on a date?

Here’s How:

1. Put a note on her desk. In this day and age, writing a note is old-fashioned. It’s so much easier to ask out a woman via bbm, text message or even shooting her a quick e-mail. It’s the easy way, but it’s also the most tedious. Bring back the old fashioned notes. There’s nothing like finding a piece of paper with your name on it on your desk when you get to work in the morning, and there’s suspense and excitement in opening a secret note.

2. Know her favourite Starbucks coffee brew? Offer to go for a coffee run and get the barista to write something on her cup. If you don’t feel comfortable asking him or her to do it, use your own sharpie and write a simple one or two word phrase saying you want to take her out. Be creative with your wording; maybe even add a small inside joke the two of you share.

3. Go on a treasure hunt. The game doesn’t have to be complex, start with one clue on a post-it note and pin it somewhere obvious and visible, like on her computer screen at work. Make it a minimum of three clues until she finds a prize such as a rose under her desk. It’s the small stuff that women pay attention to. Most of the time it’s the way you give her something, not what you give her.

4. Mark the day on her calendar. Ever find yourself staring at your desk calendar when the day at work gets boring? Sneak your way over to her desk when she’s gone to the bathroom, or before she arrives in the morning. With a red pen mark the day you want to go out on her calendar by writing “date with” followed by your name and phone number if she doesn’t already have it. Whether or not she had your number prior to the invitation, she will text you asking about the marking on her calendar.

5. Make her a mixed CD. Everyone has a blackberry, iPhone or iPod, which they use for portable music. Make her a mix of some of your favourite songs. Ever find yourselves talking about an indie band you’ve both been listening to lately? This is a perfect opportunity for her to check out some of your favourite music. Not only will it give both of you something to talk about the next day, but music has a hold on people and allows them to connect through the songs. If a man is giving a woman music, she will likely listen to it and fall in love with the tracks on it. Don’t forget to write a little something on the disc in permanent marker. The thought of the mixed CD alone will make her smile, until she gets home, opens the case and discovers it was also a prop being used to ask her on a date.

If you’re trying this method, don’t suggest coffee. How about a local bar to check out one of these bands live, or maybe even an open mic where she can watch you perform?

Use these as examples to ask out your lady and have the sparks flying before you even go out on your date!

Lucy Mazzucco attends the University of Toronto. As someone with an extreme passion for the arts, she can be found performing acoustic covers and original material at various open-mics around the city, creating acrylic paintings on canvases or reading the biographies of iconic rock musicians. Lucy’s published works include articles for Collision Repair magazine and poetry in an anthology entitled “Tracing the Chimera”. 


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