6 Awesome Ways To Show Off Your Team Spirit

I love NBA accessories. I love the crazy ways our teamlove manifests, on everything from wine caddies to tattoos. Here is a bizarre bazaar of some NBA accessories that are a little off-the-beaten path, some classy, some classy, some just plain out there.

It’s a tough world out there for an NBA fan with an allergy to tacky things. What are you supposed to do? Just grin and bear it, and go on with your life wearing an oversized Grizzlies jersey and sucking on a giant, novelty Utah Jazz drinking straw?

No, you go classy, with something like this snazzy tanned Vacqueta leather laptop bag. These bags has a single thin strap, and come with a small emblem of your team of choice.

These aren’t limited to just laptop bags, either; you can also get purses, messenger bags, and, if you’re kind of a crazy person, a full soft-leather backpack, which is not an idea I can easily wrap my head around. Still, the bag looks pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Pictured: NBA Tan Leather Messenger Bag, by Pangea Brands, $199.

Pangea Brands actually has a pretty strong foothold in the Cool/Odd Sports Accessories industry, with MLB-brand popcorn poppers, NBA iPhone cases, and headphones that are the NHL equivalent to Skullcandy’s NBA headgear. But headphones and iPhone cases are bland in comparison to an NBA designer toaster.

Yes, this exists, and yes it toasts your team’s logo into your bread. And while it doesn’t have the designer look of, say, an $8000 Dualit toaster, it’s still has interesting contours, and could easily work in just about any kitchen.

Pictured: Oklahoma City Thunder Original ProToast, by Pangea Brands, $40.

If you’re looking to NBA-up your iPhone, you won’t have to look very hard. Your only real decision is what kind of design you’re looking for. A sleek black cover with a brightly coloured logo like the above officially licensed Lakers case? Or a white championship Miami Heat case to really a) show your love for the Heat, b) date your iPhone to what was probably the best finals the NBA has seen in a long time?

Pictured: Los Angeles Lakers Black iPhone 4 Case, $30 and Miami Heat 2012 NBA Finals Champions Logo iPhone 4 Cover, $35


If you really wanted to show your love for the Heat, take a gander at this baby:

That’s a Miami Heat quilted tote purse. Yes, that is a thing, and yes it is a special edition, and there are limited quantities, apparently. Like the leather laptop bags, this is a way to NBA-up your accessories without calling too much attention to yourself. The stylish little Heat championship logo is tucked away at the corner.

Pictured: Miami Heat 2012 NBA Finals Champions Ladies Quilted Tote Bag, $46

So you’ve got your Heat iPhone case, you’ve got your Heat tote bag, but dammit, Christmas isn’t complete!

Luckily, Santa’s a Miami fan. No, I can’t believe this is a real thing either.

Pictured: Miami Heat 2012 NBA Finals Champions Mini Basketball Ornament, $9

So now you have your iPhone sheathed, your Christmas tree properly decorated, and your bread seared with the appropriate team spirit. Now how about turning on some tunes?

Ah, now this is what I’m talking about! Practical and stylish.

These mini-speakers are small, portable and very space-age. With a USB charger, you can pack them up with your laptop (I assume you have an NBA laptop sleeve for it) and take them everywehre. Essentially you’re looking at all the equipment you need for impromptu dance parties. What else could you ever want?

Pictured: Chicago Bulls Mini Speakers, $50


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