Going Floral


Summer is here, the NBA finals start on Tuesday and you want to look your best—not that you don’t look amazing already, but this NBA finals, are you’re looking to have a patio party, barbecue or have a look and be in an environment that breathes Miami vs. OKC?

Look no further, this perfect summer trend has the Miami attitude and the youthful swagger of OKC.

It’s called Floral Prints.

Floral prints are no longer exclusive to womenswear, and floral menswear is now on the rise. Recent menswear fashion collections are embracing the beauty and vibrant colors associated with botanical prints. In other words, Men can wear floral patterns and stay masculine.

Top clothing designers and shoe manufacturers are pushing the traditional boundaries of fashion and are creating masculine flower-inspired creations, with a hint of vintage inspiration. The main players of this seasons flower trend are Givenchy, Kenzo and Prada.

Givenchy’s Tisci gave the old aloha Hawaiian shirt a sharp makeover. The collections 2012 Spring/Summer shirts were emblazoned with beautiful graphically adorned flowers and leaves in hues of soft greens and khakis. Designer Kenzo also set the standard of flower-power, shorts, pants, shirts and blazers were styled head-to-toe in pastels of light mint greens, beiges, blues and yellow florals. Prada offered light colourful flowers contrasted with darker colors, there collection were ensembles of floral pants with darker cashmere sweaters and vice versa.

Here are two simple tips on how to wear Floral Prints

1. You may have seen designer brands play floral (shirts) on floral (pants) on floral (blazers). If you’re dressed in a matching (head-to-toe) designer outfit, you can pull off the look; However, If you are not wearing a matching outfit from the same collection & designer, don’t wear a floral on floral on floral outfit. The mixture of colors, prints and designs may look horrendous.

2. Floral tops (shirts and blazers) work well with dark or neutral bottoms (trousers, shorts or Khakis). The darker colors will tone down your outfit, especially if you are wearing bright colors.

From flower-infused outfits and aloha menswear to garden-inspired shoes, these styles are the perfect eye-catching pieces to get you noticed. It takes a real man with swagger to rock these eye-popping floral prints with confidence.



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