My Head Is An Animal Is The Soundtrack Of The Summer


 In April 2012, Icelandic six-piece indie/rock band Of Monsters and Men released their captivating album, My Head is an Animal. Before releasing any music, they made their debut by winning Musiktilraunir, a battle of the bands competition held annually in Iceland.

If you’re a frequent listener to any indie/rock radio stations, you’ve probably heard their song entitled “Little Talks”, which was off their EP “Into the Woods” before they released their full-length album. “Little Talks” works as a great introduction to the album, showcasing the album’s unique sound with a variety of musical instruments, along with the melodic voices of both Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar “Raggi” Pórhallsson; which together contrast and create beautiful male/female harmonies.

The first song off the track, “Dirty Paws”, begins the album with the soft sounds of only an acoustic guitar. After the first verse, the track picks up the pace and indulges the listener with the intensity that the band has to offer. With the empowering vocal duo, the song reaches its peak midway making it the perfect opening song; exhibiting only a small fragment of what Of Monsters and Men offers to the rest of the album.

The drum rolls throughout the album are what gives the songs their edge, and makes the sound of each track unique and intriguing. This album enables the six-piece band to showcase the many creative aspects of their music, making them hard to classify–the album is several genres, including folk, acoustic and rock.

Their sound avoids the “garage band” sound that most indie bands seem to strive for these days. Instead, Of Monsters and Men can be characterized by the intensity of two vocals side by side along with various musical instruments and suspenseful drumming.

“Mountain Sound” is another track off the album that stands out. The drumbeat and melody make the song one of the “catchier” tunes off the album, making it a great follow up single. This song showcases Raggi singing alone throughout the verses while Nanna sings the chorus, and is joined in by the others for a chorus/choir effect. This provides a narrow focus on the female voice, encouraging it to be a tune that you can sing along to easily.

From start to finish, My Head is an Animal is a great soundtrack for the summer months.

Lucy Mazzucco attends the University of Toronto. As someone with an extreme passion for the arts, she can be found performing acoustic covers and original material at various open-mics around the city, creating acrylic paintings on canvases or reading the biographies of iconic rock musicians. Lucy’s published works include articles for Collision Repair magazine and poetry in an anthology entitled “Tracing the Chimera”. 


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