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Miami is a cool town. Case in point: Last year, when the Heat went against Dallas, we had the gall to accuse Miami of not being a great basketball town. Joke’s on us, because apparently all of South Florida went nuts this year, pouring out of their homes to bang pots and pans, laughing and shouting into the night. Fireworks went off. Fans honked their horns, and crowded the streets. Nicely done.

The Heat did their city proud after the game. Miami is known for its nightclub culture, and after the Heat took the championship, they piled into the LIV nightclub on Collin avenue, where they dropped a reported $200 000 on champagne (that’s not a typo), and hung with LMFAO into the small hours of the morning.

So not only was it redemption for the team that had been called the NBA’s villains for most of the season, it was in a way redemption for Miami the city. Besides, everyone piling on the OKC bandwagon helped Miami find some solidarity. But there are even more reasons to love the city.

Miami will be the place to be this weekend. LMFAO is playing LIV this Friday evening, and while it’s supposed to thunderstorm all weekend, that will bring the temperature down to something nice.

Meanwhile, our hotel of choice, Daddy O Hotel, is smackdab in the middle of everything. The hotel is fully renovated, the service excellent, very affordable, and we can get anywhere in the city from it.

From here, you can head to Bal Harbour for some fantastic shopping (Neiman Marcus is hosting a shoe event for the ladies this Saturday), or take an umbrella and brave Miami Beach Boardwalk to tour the city, or grab some excellent food at Miami’s famous Joe’s Stone Crab, or, for good breakfast, South Beach’s Wish.

But Miami’s nightlife is a huge draw. If you’re still up for dancing after LMFAO’s gig at LIV, Saturday’s got an all night dance party at Club Space, one of Miami’s most popular clubs. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to any one club. There’s clubs like Nikki Beach, or if you’re clubs with pretensions of exclusion, head to Bed. But you have about a million choices.

If you’re planning on waiting for the post-NBA fervor (and the thunderstorms) to die down before visting the city, pick a sunny day. Miami Beach is a great location for boating, kayaking, and snorkeling.

With extraordinary beaches and a fabulous nightlife, Miami has a feel of its own, a city just begging to be explored.


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