The Bomber Jacket


Popularized by fighter pilots during World War II the Bomber Jacket has resurfaced as a sizzling fashion trend. Stars like Jude Law, Justin Bieber and have become the fashion blueprint of men’s “Bomber Jackets”. The Bomber Jacket’s has become such a “must have” that online retailer Asos recently ordered 20000 more (worth £1m) for next season, after they sold 5000 in 2 months. Topman, who also had a positive reaction for their bomber jackets, plan to create more variations on top of its current range of 15 styles for autumn.

Why does the look work?

It’s Versatile.

Since Bomber Jackets come in various styles (traditional – sophisticated), fabric (leather – wool), colors and prints it is impossible to not find a Bomber Jacket that doesn’t complement your look.

It gives you a Trim Look.

Most Bomber Jackets, if not all of them, are fitted. Its easily covers any love handles you may have and gives you a crisped trimmed look.

Bomber Jackets are easy to wear! Three basic looks are…

1. Classic denim with a crew neck sweater
2. Classic shirt with khaki pants
3. Black Jeans with a v-neck t-shirt

Choosing the perfect Bomber Jacket for your frame depends on how much money you want to spend. Both luxury and high street brands are creating bomber jackets that can easily range from $180 – $3000. This sporty look has been seen in menswear from upcoming designer names at London fashion week to powerhouse brands in Paris and Milan. The luxury brands are known to have superior fit, quality and garments; nevertheless, here are a couple thing to look for when searching for your perfect Bomber Jacket.

1. Length.

Does the jacket end above or below your waist line?

If you have a lean body a jacket that stops a bit above your waist length will complement you shape. If you have a bulker structure, wider shoulders, a bomber jacket that sits below the waist will suit you better. More importantly, it won’t look like your jacket shrunk.

2. Fabric.

Fabrics such as Polyester can give you a sporty causal look which can also hide your frame, whereas Suede and Leather creates a sophisticated slim look.

3. Collar.

The collar of the jacket, similar to fabric, completes the look of the overall outfit. For future reference, remember: ribbed collars create a sporty look and, fold over collars create the traditional mature look.

You can wear anything with a Bomber Jacket.

  • Bottoms: Jeans, leather pants, Dress pants, Khanki, Shorts…
  • Tops: t-shirt, shirts, dress shirts, v-necks, or sleeveless shirts
  • Shoes: Boots, sneaker, Loafers

The only factor that should concern you is the jacket’s fit.

Deidra ‘Hauteur’ Hunter is a Canadian artist, fashion designer and a basketball lover. Creatively wild and delusional, Deidra always has been drawn to art, fashion and sports from a young age. Deidra attended the International Academy of Design to study fashion design, in 2007 she launched Veni Vidi Vinco, an artistically driven, edgy contemporary lifestyle brand. Apart from her busy schedule she is currently a fashion contributor to BALLnROLL. 


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