The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Year after year, it’s the same thing. One week before Father’s Day I realize that I’m left with exactly seven days to find the perfect gift: Another tie? A bottle of cologne? It’s all been done! Every year I try to come up with novel gift ideas and every year I end up crossing my fingers that my dad will drop an unintentional hint, sending me running in the right direction. I spend the week leading up to Father’s Day hoping he’ll mention a movie he wants to see so I can buy him a cinema gift card, or describe in detail which coffee tickled his fancy at Starbucks this week; 2lbs, grounded please! It’s all about paying attention and listening very, very closely to what he has to say, but what happens if nothing comes up? While hints like that are golden when it comes to finding a gift, especially for the man who has it all or can at least afford to buy it, unfortunately the gift gods aren’t always working in our favour.

When it comes to men, experience tells me that there are a few things you need to keep in mind when buying a Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. If it’s a thing, make sure it’s practical. If it’s not practical, it will never get used; you may get a light hearted smile or slap on the shoulder but if it’s something pretty (and only something pretty), chances are it will get shoved under some boxes in the basement next to your grade 8 science project.

If it’s not a thing, but an experience you’re buying, make sure it’s personalized. Don’t force your dad off to some spa retreat just because it showed up in your inbox as the deal of the day. Some dads enjoy a nice pedicure once in a while, but most dads? Not so much.

Keeping these two tips in mind, here are some suggestions for some original (and un-original) Father’s Day gift ideas:

Go Active!

Invest in an activity that you two can do together. As cliché as you may think it sounds, quality time is never overrated and can really express just how much you appreciate all the things you dad does for you as much as taking the time to bond the manly way. Remember, a getaway doesn’t have to be big, or expensive! If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford to commit to a whirlwind weekend in Las Vegas or the like, peruse Groupon, Travelzoo or other promotion based websites that offer great deals like weekend getaways and wine tasting or brewery tours that you can tailor specifically to meet the abilities and interest of the man of the hour.

Go Genetic!

Let’s be honest here; most men love the idea of seeing their genes pass on from one generation to the next. Don’t panic, I’m not asking you to reproduce (unless you want to – that totally trumps what I’m about to suggest), but this year, why not invest in a customized family history or crest, to show your dad how much you value the genes you share? Check out sites like House of Names, where you can even design mugs, sweaters, plagues and beer steins based on your family shield!

Pictured: Armorial History In Frame, $55


No thanks. Board games are so ten years ago. By fish, I mean the food that many men like to eat and most men love to catch. Fishing is (apparently) something that many a man loves to do. It has similar effects to a spa day for women, allowing them to disengage from the stresses of real life and head out into the wild; it’s a man vs. fish type of scene. This Father’s Day, give your dad a reason (or an excuse, if he needs ones) to get away. Buying him a fishing rod and starter set and he’ll be thanking you for years to come! If you want to go a little further still, have his name carved into the rod or give him a six-pack of beer to keep him company during his time in the wild.

Pictured: Rod and Reel Combo, $60

Go Grill!

Alright, I was going to stay as far as possible from mentioning anything too corny, but here is one novelty item I’m willing to push. If your dad prides himself on being the BBQ master at family functions and events, why not invest in a fun, customizable accessory that will prove, at the very least, a great conversation starter at future cookouts? Show them who the master of meat really is (unless your dad is vegetarian) and label your dad the official King of the Grill

Pictured: Personalized King of the Grill Apron, $30

Go Alcohol!

Give me an A! Give me an L! Give me a… you get the idea. If in the unfortunate circumstance that you are still out of gift ideas after reading this mind-blowing blog, then I suggest you revert to a favoured classic among the world of Father’s Day gifts: booze. I would however advise that you steer clear of the beer aisle. Select something high-end that he wouldn’t buy for himself; a nicely aged bottle of whiskey or rare scotch ought to do the trick! Investing in a vintage bottle of wine is a good idea, but on this one day where we celebrate the gift of life made possible through the manliness of our dear dad, it’s go hard (liquor, that is) or go home.


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