5 Concerts To Take Your Date To


Tired of the traditional coffee date? Two people meet up at a Starbucks, order beverages, followed by an uncomfortable conversation as you both try to get to know each other. What people seem to forget is that there are other options besides coffee! So why is it that people are afraid to suggest something more adventurous? Why not take your date to a venue to see a band or solo act?

There’s something about music that connects two souls. The best part about it is that there are so many genres to choose from! Find the one that best suits the both of you and you’re sure to have a great time.

The Indie/Rock Concert

Picture this, you and your date standing side by side at a venue. The lights are dimmed and the crowd begins to cheer with excitement as the band arrives on stage. The first song starts playing and you hear nothing but the bass drum as the lights get bright and shine down on the lead singer. The guitar starts going and the both of you shoot each other a smile. Plus, nothing like being surrounded by a bunch of hipsters, right?

Pros: The music is upbeat, the two of you can dance, have fun, all while maintaining close contact when a slow song plays. The passion that the bands put into the performance can make for a memorable evening that will leave you with goosebumps.

Cons: If you don’t dig the whole idea of hipsterdom, you’re going to get annoyed very quickly. Plus, these kinds of shows can go on very long. The crowd continuously asks for encores and usually the band is more than happy to give it to them! If you decide to leave early, squeezing through a bunch of Dallas Green lookalikes isn’t going to be the highlight of your night.

Afterwards, take a walk. You can get very stuffy and stiff from standing in a crowd for so long. Cool off with a nice stroll and some casual conversation.

Hip Hop

Nothin’ like old school rap and hip-hop. Bob your heads to the beat and try to keep up with the lyrics. It’s a casual environment where dressing up isn’t necessary; jeans and a hoodie make it the perfect atmosphere with no pressure. These shows are fun and the performers are often very interactive with the crowd.

Pros: The two of you can share laughs as you try to rap along to the lyrics in an extremely relaxed atmosphere. You can swing your arms in the air and maybe even ask her to sit on your shoulders if she wants to.

Cons: Many of these concerts are held outdoors and even when they’re indoors, the venue is often going to get hot-boxed! Fresh air isn’t going to be present so don’t bother wasting your good cologne. You’ll both be smelling pretty terrible when you leave the show.

Afterwards, go out and grab a beer. Sit together on a patio and have a casual conversation while you both cool off.

The Pop Concert

A bubbly atmosphere with screaming girls, back up dancers and the craziness of a circus! People will dress in ridiculous fan costumes, there will be stuff thrown into the crowd and the lights will be an ever-changing rainbow. The performers ensure the participation of the audience which can have you both responding to their requests and having fun being silly.

Pros: If you both love to sing and dance this is the concert for you! It’s one of the few places you can sing at the top of your lungs and get away with it, not to mention it’s the perfect opportunity to dress up in an outfit inspired by Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.

Cons: Prepare to be mauled! Screaming female fans can get wild. In this kind of situation, they feel nothing can restrict them from getting as close as possible to their favourite artist. There will be pushing, angry fans and probably some catfights! It’s a recipe for a delightful evening with some ingredients for disaster.

Afterwards, go out for ice cream! Follow up on a fun and colourful evening by doing something that will bring out your inner child. Maybe even one of those ice cream bars where you can choose your own toppings.

The Open Mic

This is a fun and inexpensive show that you can check out with your date! You can sit together on a couch or table, have a few beers and listen to the soft sounds of only an acoustic guitar and the voice of a solo performer.

These shows are great for their versatility, and it can be a perfect environment for a first date or just a night out with the girlfriend.

Pros: Open mics are great because you can hear the subtle music in the background while you are still able to carry on a conversation. This is another place where you and your date can scope out the hipsters and laugh at their clichés.

Cons: Set times are usually short so the live music probably won’t last very long.

Afterwards, stay at the pub and grab a bite to eat. Maybe you can even eat while you’re listening to the music.

The Heavy Metal Concert

Are you both adventurous? This is a definite way for the both of you to have a first date way out of the ordinary! Enjoy the craziness of the diehard fans and the behaviour that you can only get away with at a heavy metal show! This environment will get you doing things you probably wouldn’t normally do. Let your inner rockstar shine and have fun with the crowd’s behaviour!

Pros: Have you ever wanted to crowd surf? Now’s your chance! These shows were made for crowd surfing. Plus, this is a concert where the two of you can definitely have a good laugh: Metalheads will be everywhere, and the traditional metalhead can be funny at any age.

Cons: At these shows expect a lot of moshing! The mosh pits can get pretty rowdy and dangerous at points. Prepare to get very hot and maybe even get a few bruises, so be careful in there!

Afterwards, the two of you can grab a drink. You’ll both need something cold after all that moshing!

So whether you’re into the latest pop songs or the underground rock scene, a concert is a great way for you and your date to experience something new and exciting. It will definitely make for a date that the two of you will always remember! 


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