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Images by Kaitlin Wright

In London, it’s hard to miss the hoards of fashionable people on every corner. One thing that’s easy to miss though, is their attention. If you’ve been to the city you know, it’s not easy to get people to stop for a chat. In such a fast-paced environment, I had quite a few polite declines and even more cold shoulders before I resolved to step up my game. I perched by an Underground exit and approached everyone and anyone with a great sense of style, regardless of their pace and sometimes unimpressed facial expressions. This approach ended up being very fruitful, when paired with flattery and an extremely wide smile, of course. In the end, I found three friendly locals who were more than happy to stop for a photo.

A lot of Londoners are fashionable in obvious ways, but you’ll find a lot of risk-takers here, too. From young fashionistas to refined businessmen, many Londoners don’t play it safe. Sit on a patio during a weekday lunch hour and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

While you’re out and about, you’ll notice London is a city full of life and culture. The fashion here mirrors that fact. I had a fabulous time people-watching for the purpose of finding these photos and, although I decided not to bother anyone long enough to ask for a name, I think this Street Style series is an homage to personal style. Whether you know these people or not, their personalities shine through in the fashion below.

Take a peak at my three favourite looks from the streets of London. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try something a little less safe and a little more personal this week!

Our first Londoner was on her way to work when I stopped her for a photo. I noticed her perfectly polished high-bun and her transparent black maxi.

Maybe this look isn’t practical enough for your office, but it’s a boldly fashionable ensemble for a weekend or evening with friends. Sheer maxi dresses and skirts are must-have at the moment, and opting for a black one means you’ll have a versatile piece that’s easy to mix and match.

To achieve this look’s risky-chic attitude, pair your sheer maxi with a cropped leather jacket and colourful, textured accessories. Our Londoner has opted for a short, black leather jacket, jeweled silver flats, oversized silver hoop earrings, a gold cuff, a baby blue tank, a bold black belt with gold hardware and a cognac leather tote.

The operative slogan for this look: don’t be shy! Play with colours and textures to your heart’s content. If you want to achieve the cohesiveness seen above, keep your skirt and your jacket black. For a lighter look that’s equally put together, go for a cream skirt and camel leather.

Finish the look with a perfectly poised high-bun. Slick all of your hair – excluding bangs if they’re too short – into a high ponytail. Loosely wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail and pin, pin, pin. If your hair is too thin to achieve a full bun, check this out.

I stopped our second fashionable twenty-something because I loved his look for a casual Friday at the office. His caramel lace-ups are the perfect wear-for-all shoe and between his blazer and loosely cuffed jeans, I couldn’t resist asking for a photo.

For this look, choose a blazer with some flare. His charcoal coat with black satin lining is a great transitional piece from office to evening. You can opt for a navy blue blazer if that’s at your disposal, but make sure it’s got some personality to it. Gold hardware or a conspicuous lining would go a long way. Underneath, throw on a graphic or textured t-shirt. If you want to dress this look up a bit, opt for a textured button-up in a light colour.

Match your caramel shoes to your belt like our friend above, or opt for a cognac or chestnut tone. Put a loose cuff on your favourite pair of skinny or boot cut jeans in a medium to dark wash, give your hair a loose slick-back with minimal product, throw on your sunnies and you’re ready to go! Gym bag is, of course, optional. If you’re heading anywhere but the gym, opt for a leather or canvas bag in a dark shade.

 I loved the lace and bra shirt combination on our third Londoner. Simultaneously bohemian and city-chic, this look is perfect for a summer day around town.

Another sheer maxi, but worn in a totally different way. An homage to just how versatile this piece really is. If you like the look but don’t do well in pinky tones, try a nude or navy skirt. The skirt will be just as simple to wear and pair but those shades are a little easier to pull off for most skin tones.

Sheer on sheer sounds as though it should appear excessive, but this look showcases the trend with perfect balance. Pair your maxi with a white lace top or, if you’ve opted for a nude skirt, pair it with black lace. Contrast with your shirt-bra; If you’re wearing a white shirt, go for black but if you’re wearing a black shirt, choose beige. Your bra should be noticeably different from something that belongs under a t-shirt. Our Londoner has opted for a structured, long shirt-bra that provides good coverage.

Next, choose your accessories. I love the long, light necklace and cognac bag with this look. If you’re wearing this look during the day, have fun with colourful sandals. If you’re wearing this look in the evening, pair it with black or nude heels. When the weather cools down, put on a denim jacket.

For the hair, here’s how to get it

Maybe you aren’t in London, but that doesn’t mean you have to be safe with your wardrobe. This season, take a page from the streets of England’s capital, find a statement piece you love and craft a look all your own.



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