NBA Stylewatch: July Edition

We’re only in the second week of July, but we’re looking back to see how our favourite NBA stars are looking good for the summer. And, of course, leave it to King James to kick things off with a tux.

LeBron James stands with fiancée Savannah Brinson at Tao. He shows off the fashion sense of a king in a black tuxedo, high-collared white shirt, and snazzy bowtie. Check out those buttons.

Meanwhile, at the celebration victory at Tao, James drops the tuxedo classiness and settles into a low-collar white shirt and blue jeans.

The guy looks good in white, wearing a variation on this theme when he hung out with professional middleweight Anderson Silva at UFC 148.

But while LeBron James looks good, no one can touch Stoudemire for sheer visual impact.

Amar’e Stoudemire continued to be one of the most stylish NBA players on the field today. He appeared at Paris Fashion Week 2012, showing up at the 2013 Spring runway shows in a Lanvin striped silk pullover, grey/silver trousers and suede sneakers. His fiancée, Alexis, wore a gorgeous Lanvin crepe dress. 

He rocked the house some more at the Givenchy show, in a fitted black suit, oversized Givenchy shirt and a pair of Nike Yeezy 2s. The guy also looks great with the beard, another fashionable face accessory that sports writers are probably going to start acting confused about.

On the do-gooding front, check out D-Wade with Gabrielle Union and DJ Irie at Lucky Strikes Lane in Miami for Verizon’s Charity Bowling Tournament. The NBA’s best dressed man looks good in a pair of black-rimmed fashion specs and graphic tee.

Carmelo Anthony’s also taking to the graphic tee, appearing in this twitpic in a black hat and tee.

NBA players aren’t above going outdoors in athletic gear either.

Famously good-natured, Kevin Durant’s not above posing with a fan while in Vegas, spotted here in an athletic Nike zip-up.

The great Steve Nash was spotted in New York, forgoing his reputation as a suit man for a red athletic long-sleeved jumper and blue running shorts. Also: the dude’s on a skateboard. Pretty surreal.

Meanwhile, Joakim Noah shows us how to do the summer look, showing up in New York, in blue plaid shorts, and a white graphic tank, complete with border. The leather satchel and sockless leather shoes complete the package. More than anyone, Noah looks ready for the hot weather.



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