Stressed Out? Get Out!

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Your heart starts beating faster; your mind races, and suddenly you feel the vice tightening on your temples. Your breath quickens; you stop breathing altogether, waiting for something to come along and make everything make sense.

You’re not in love; you’re STRESSED.

In North American culture, we’re all pretty familiar with it. With traffic jams, tight deadlines, long work weeks, and convoluted notions about money and family and who we are and what we should do with ourselves, no wonder we’re stressed.

So, when you’re sitting there in your office for the second, the third, the fourth hour, your muscles tightening and you just can’t think straight. What do you do??


Instead of sitting in the office and mulling over what’s stressing you, or sitting on the highway for the fourth day of bumper-to-bumper traffic, get out! Go for a walk in the closest park; get off the highway at the nearest exit; sit down at a coffee shop or café or restaurant and relax.

If it hits you at home, do some sport you like: run, play soccer, bike, get together with the guys and shoot some hoops! Just do something you like because you like doing it. Forget about the tension, and it’ll often forget about you.


Drop the coffee, the pop, the sugar-based beverages, the booze; and drink something good for you!

There’s something to that health craze, which is why so many stars and regular joes are into it. According to a few studies published by Dr. Israel Brekhman, homeopathic remedies called adaptogens may be the best at helping combat stress.

Asian Ginseng is the most well-known in this part of the world, but others include Jiaogulan, Schisandra, Rhodiola Rosea, and Reishi. As they’re becoming more well-known, they are increasingly available at natural foods and health foods stores, but most are available through online sources. For best effectiveness, obtain only pure products grown naturally or found in the wild.


When you have no time to run from your stresses, try writing down the problem. Use your smartphone if you must, or grab a napkin; but get out what is bothering you and why.

Be totally honest and open with yourself; nobody has to read your thoughts and writings but you. Very often, we know what is troubling us, but we think we have to move in a different direction. When we write things down, we get out of our heads and see the reality of our situation. That may be enough to pull us out entirely.


If you’ve tried all these (and countless other techniques) but still feel bogged down, tied up, breathless and panicky, you just might need a deeper self-examination. So many of us think we must live our lives by others’ rules, with others’ dreams and in others’ ways; we try and try to fit ourselves into the moulds of other people’s making. But it won’t work, not now, nor ever.

Stress is a trigger that something’s wrong; and if it lasts for a week or more, it’s likely serious. Take out that book and start writing, daily and very honestly; you may find out you’re in the wrong life.



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