The Best And Worst Dressed Of The 2012 NBA Draft

The reality of the NBA dream begins at the NBA Draft Pick. Each draftee has been studied and analyzed through a microscope and categorized between offensive/defensive leaders, points, assists, blocks, etc. But it’s time to examine them through another key element that can define a great player: style.

How does great style make for great players? Two of the greatest NBA players that have recently been crowned NBA champions are full of style and swagger off the court which is easily implemented in to their game, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. So with that noted, check out…

The best and worst dressed players of the 2012 NBA Draft Pick

No.1 Best Dressed: The Toronto Raptors Eighth Pick, Terrence Ross.

The 6’7 stunner wore a well tailored light grey single breasted “confidence cut” suit.

The choice of the two button suit conveys height and slims the waist. He complemented the suit with a baby blue gingham shirt and pocket square. What solidifies the decision to crown Mr.Ross was his big-green hand tied bow tie. Swagger!

No. 2 Best Dressed: Damian Lillard, 6th overall pick by Portland Trail Blazers

No.1 Worst Dressed: Meyers Leonard, 11th overall pick by the Portland Trail Blazers

Strike 1: Mr. Leonard decides not to button his suit; this decision makes him look sloppy and out of sync with the other well dressed draftees.

Strike 2: The black and white checkered picnic cloth looking shirt

Strike 3: The randomly chosen diagonally striped red tie, I’m not sure if its purpose was to complement the black and white checkered shirt. Either way it’s distracting!

No. 2 Worst Dressed: Bradley Beal, 3rd overall pick by the Washington Wizards

Sorry Beal, it’s the vest!!



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